Chariot Rides from Detroit

Chariot Rides from Detroit

Dear Kathie, (from Detroit)

As you requested today after the service at SoulQuest, I am sending you the description of the chariot                                                                                        experience I had yesterday after your prayer of impartation.

First, I saw from a distance a large white swan. Then, I saw an angel clothed in white, with a golden                                                                                                      band around his (fore-)head, and on the front of the (head)band in the middle of his forehead was attached                                                                                             a solid gold “pendant” in the shape of a diamond. He nodded towards me and gestured to get into/onto the                                                                                      swan. I hesitated because I thought to myself: “Can a swan represent a chariot?!” The angel again gestured                                                                                      with his hands for me to come and “board” the swan. And as I slowly moved towards the swan, he spread                                                                                         out his wings for me to see and his wings were really huge.

Then I found myself in/on the swan, and he started to move upwards into the heavens.

We flew through different portals, surrounded by this glorious mist. The sky was a beautiful deep blue                                                                                               and there was mist everywhere even seen through the portals. The mists were glistening and it seemed                                                                                               like the mist was filled with light particles. As we flew through many portals, I noted that each portal                                                                                                had a different hue/shade of color, i.e. one had purple, another aqua, another green, etc. mixed in                                                                                                        with the mist & light. It was so beautiful and yet difficult to describe. I sensed like I was going through                                                                                          different levels of revelations/mysteries each time I went through a different portal.

Not sure where the swan was taking me as I got distracted ..

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