Chariot Rides – New Jersey

Chariot Rides – Clinton, New Jersey


I thoroughly enjoyed your conference in Clinton NJ this past weekend. It was wonderful getting to know you, and I truly appreciate your time with me. I surely experienced the Holy Spirit and I loved the smell of lavender and pine trees! I’m also reading Celtic Flames.. just love it!

You told me to describe to you my vision of the Chariot ride! so, here it is:

I was laying on the floor with my eyes closed, and Sharon next to me started to giggle.. I immediately saw myself riding the Chariot , all in gold, then I saw my gloves which were all gold as well, along with my helmet . My helmet was beautiful, with feathers on the top of the gold section. very ornate indeed!

My armour was white, almost like a satin white with stitching on it, and all the trim was in gold. I also was holding a golden sword.

My horse was a beautiful white stallion, with long blondish white mane, and the most beautiful part was the long thin purple scarf tied to the horse’s mane or where the reigns were connected to.. then the chariot started quickly rising, and we approached these HUGE White doors.. Heaven’s doors ..

The chariot “floated” by a narrow road.. not sure if it was concrete, or satin.. it stopped and I saw Jesus sitting on his throne with a crown on his head, wearing a beautiful white robe. All this golden bright light came from him, and he stood up, and Jesus lifted his sword , and it was in flames! (bright orange/red flames)..

He looked at me and smiled.. and the vision was finished! I was a bit dizzy when I got up from the floor. It was quite a ride!

I just loved seeing HIM. He has appeared twice before to me. once with my mom , and the other time, I was riding a white stallion with my armour and sword, and I was riding right next to Jesus, who was on a horse as well, he had a sword, and we were going to a battle. I looked at him and told him that I would fight for him and do anything he asked of me.

Kathie, I feel like i’m His soldier, I’m going to battle for him. I know he is pleased with me. I felt so accepted and loved by him in all my visions.

After my mother’s death , over 3 years ago, I prayed that I would see her, and that God would let me know she was all right in heaven.. and indeed, 3 years later I saw her , so beautiful and young, with gorgeous loving brown eyes.. all the light radiating from her and Jesus, who was standing right behind her.. It’s still so clear in my mind.

I’m just so grateful He has allowed me to see her, and to get a glimpse of the beauty of heaven..

One day, I’ll be there completely. I have no doubt whatsoever.

Feel free to email me, and you have my cell phone. look forward to seeing you one day soon my friend.