Faith Hole in your Sky

Faith-Is there a Hole in your Sky?

When I was in Christchurch, New Zealand, I asked God why there are places and people that have such a hard time getting anything established in the Spirit. They always seem to be struggling.

“Look up” the Lord said. I did and I saw blue sky, but it looked like there were holes in the sky. I don’t know how else to explain it.

“How come?” I asked. “There are gaps in the spirit because people have not kept their word,” the Holy Spirit told me I looked in the dictionary to see what it said about the word “hole.”

Interesting – it said “Hollow,” “Area where there is something missing.” “Weakness.”

The Bible says that our words have power. “Declare a thing and it will be established into you.” “The power of Life and death is in the tongue.” etc.

When God speaks He always does what He says, you can count your life on it, it is done. It is established because God does what he says, it is finished. God is a covenant-keeper and when He speaks things are created, the worlds were created in fact ( Heb.11)

When you speak as a Christian your words should be the same as your Father – and your words have power to create.

Your words start to form something. When you don’t follow through it leaves a gap or hole, because you started to create something.

The enemy watches for those gaps and slinks in to steal that thing or place that you previously spoke or declared.

For example when the Lord told us to receive our parent’s salvation – ( “Salvation is for you and your house,” the Bible says,) we did, and then declared it. God was faithful and He came through and did what He said when we recieved it and declared it.

The anointing within you has the ability to create – when that anointing flows out of you and you speak and declare the promises, or the words that God has given you it starts to happen. Most Christian’s don’t seem to realize that their words create a pathway which they are going to walk in. You follow where you words go, because your words are already working.

God spoke- and the mountains and rivers were formed, they were created by His Word. How powerful is that? Your life is also formed and framed by the Word of God. In the Spirit God often uses the words that come through your own mouth to establish your own pathway.

Finish what you start, DO what you say. You are a child of God, so do as your heavenly daddy does.

The Scottish nation have always had a revelation that God is a Covenant keeper. Well you know the Covenant Keeper is in you. God also keeps covenant through you. He sometimes will use you to keep a promise someone has recieved by faith. What a privilage is that!

¬†When I went on a mission trip a while ago a friend told me that they were going to give me X amount of dollars for that trip. I believed them because I trusted their word. I went ahead and got the ticket as they were a good price. I put the ticket on my credit card believing they would follow through with the words. Well they didn’t and it left a hole ( in this case in my finances). It probably left an opening in theirs. The enemy ( the thief) is ALWAYS looking for an opportunity to steal from you.

Close the gaps, do what you say, finish what you start. Don’t be loopy and act like a fruitcake. If you said you would call someone, call them. If you said you were going to do something for someone, do it. Close the gaps.

Be like your heavenly Father, because you represent Him.

His Spirit is working in you and though you.

Now – your inheritance – By faith see what God sees for you. When you do see, then begin to declare it. As you declare it you are creating a pathway for it. You will have what you say, Jesus said.

When I used to go to New England a lot in the winter I would arrive without a coat because I would forget it was cold up there. After a while my friends would meet me at the airport with a coat. But when I felt that chill, I would say “I always get a cold when I come up here.” Guess what? I would immediately begin to get a cold. I was putting my order in. I realized I was opening a door with my words -so I quit saying that. No more colds.

A few things NOT to “order.”

I can’t…..

I am afraid….

I can’t afford….

I wish…..

I am not……

Something to declare.

I am soooo blessed, I don’t know what to do with myself.

Every time I turn around people are blessing me.

God uses me to bless so many people in so many ways.