Giving – The Heart of God

Giving – The Heart of God   

Kathie Walters – Friday, June 25, 1999

I was talking on-line to a young man about business. As we corresponded the Lord gave me a word for him that he had a prophetic anointing and also that the Lord wanted him to know that sometimes it’s O K to be extravagant. I told him to do something extravagant for his wife. I had no knowledge if his situation but it was just something I felt the Lord showed me. Later on he told me that his wife was pregnant and things had been a bit tight financially. He had gone home and told his wife that he was going to take her away for the weekend.

Later on that day, the Lord spoke to me again. “Put your money where your mouth is Kathie, and send the young man $100 for his weekend.” I wrote a card and sent off the check. I love to do things like that, so it wasn’t hard to part with the money. I just had a desire for the young man to know that God cared about him and his wife.

The following morning a friend called and invited me to lunch. Off I went and as I drove to my appointment, the Lord began to speak to me again. ” I love my people to bless one another, I delight in it.” I began to think of my girls when they were young and at home. I thought of the times when they had a spat or were a little mean to each other, or spoke in an ungracious way, or occasionally really got into it. I remembered how my stomach would go into a knot and I would be so upset and grieved because I loved them both so much. Then I thought of how happy I was when they blessed each other or helped each other, or did something nice for each other.

When I reached my lunch time appointment, my friend was standing outside the restaurant. “Wait a Minute before we go in,” she said, “I want to get something from my car.” She came hurrying back with her arms filled with a huge, beautiful basket. Inside the basket were so many lovely things. Things that were hand-picked. They were chosen with care because she knew the things I liked. I was very touched as she said, “I just wanted to bless you and give something to you.” I could feel the delight of the Lord, not just because I had presents, but because she loved me.

Speaking of children and fathers, there is an old saying, “He’s a chip off the old block.” Meaning a child was behaving just like his father. Well of course God is not an “old block” but He certainly is our heavenly father and guess what? The Holy Spirit is making us just like him. We are bone of His bone and partakers of the divine nature. The desire to bless one another comes from the Holy Spirit. He loves to bless and always looks for channels to use. It is a privilege to be used by the Holy Spirit and the blessing we give always return to us; that’s just an added bonus.

There is a scripture in Numbers 23:20, “I have received commandment to bless and He has blessed and I cannot reverse it.” The king wanted the prophet Balaam to curse the children of Israel, but Balaam said, “I can’t curse them – God has already blessed them,” (Walters version), and so we have to agree with God, who has already blessed us and blessed our brothers and sisters. It grieves the heart of God when we criticize and bite one another-it’s contrary to His nature and contrary to the divine nature within us.

Kathie Walters