I Will Kiss the Islands


One evening back in May, I was having a nice supper with fellow ministers. Just as a nice looking dinner was being served to us, I felt the anointing come upon me very strong. I couldn’t speak, eat or move. I felt like I was frozen in the presence of God and immediately, I was taken up in the spirit.

My first thought was, “Oh great, I am going to go on a chariot ride.” My second thought was, “Why does God wait to do this when I am at the supper table with a dozen other people AND a nice meal? Prior to dinner, I was just sitting in my hotel room for two hours; why didn’t He do this then?” This was not a new thought as over the years, I have thought it many times! I jokingly say that a seer/prophetic anointing can be very inconvenient. He likes to interrupt our day!

The Golden Motorcycle and the Kiss of Light

A little later, we were all in a prayer meeting. I had a couple of visions, sat back and I told the Lord, “You know, Lord, you owe me a chariot ride.” (I was thinking back to the episode at the dinner table earlier.)

All of a sudden, I had a shock because right in front of me was a golden motorcycle. On the side of the gas tank was a picture of an eagle. The motorcycle was vibrating as if the engine was running. The Lord Jesus laughed, and said, “Hop on.” Now if you know me at all, you will know that I am definitely NOT a motorcycle person, but I leaped on the bike. The next moment, this golden motorcycle took off and did some loops, then I became aware that I was holding onto Jesus, as I had my arms around Him.

Then we began to skim across different islands–Jamaica, Solomon Islands, West Indies, Malta, Azores, Fiji, Hawaiian Islands, Caribbean Islands, Greek Islands, etc., and all kinds of islands. Jesus was happy and He was laughing. He said, “I am going to kiss the islands.” This kiss was light, affectionate and joyful. We touched down in Fiji, and then I landed on my back somehow in Australia. I was then lying on the floor, laughing.

The “lightness” of God is powerful–it disarms the enemy. The Holy Spirit’s joy is a victory laugh. God looks at His enemies and laughs at them and has them in derision. One of the greatest spiritual warfare weapons we have is the spirit of laughter, that’s why religious spirits get mad when they hear it.

The kiss was also a sign of recognition in the early Church. In Romans 16:16, “Greet one another with a Holy kiss” was a sign of God’s love and also of recognition of a brother or a sister in the Lord. Jesus commissioned the disciples and washed their feet, it was also a recognition of one who was sent. “As the Father has sent Me, I also send you,” Jesus said in John 20:21.

In the dictionary, kiss is defined as: the token of greeting, love, affection and reverence, also associated with gentleness.

So people of the Islands–He is going to kiss you, He is going to touch you. This touch is joy and deliverance from heavy burdens. It is affection and revelation of the goodness of God. It is light and it is full of grace and favor. It is honey and oil and perfume.

Kathie Walters
Good News Ministries
Email: kathiewalters@mindspring.com

Chariot Ride Encounters from the Island of Aruba

Below is a recent account of a visitation from Pastor Lisette Malmberg from the Island or Aruba. Pastor Lisette writes:

On Sunday, August 12, 2007, the expectation was high and I was excited in my spirit. I knew that God had sent David and Kathy Walters for such a time as this. There were things He wanted us to enter into and experience and to receive revelation knowledge on, which would change our lives and affect our destinies for His Glory.

During the ministering that evening, I fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and was drunk, and just could not get up until about 2:00 a.m. There were about seven or eight of us that stayed that night at the church, some were weeping and sobbing and receiving deep deliverance, others were laughing in the spirit and were just plain drunk, and others were experiencing new things with the Lord.

That evening, I was taken up four times in the Chariot of the Lord. The first time, He took me on a chariot ride to China and Southeast Asia. The second time, He took me to South and Central America, and I specifically recognized Argentina and Colombia. Then He came again and took me to the continent of Africa. And then the fourth time, He took me to the islands of the Caribbean–He told me that He would use me in these places for His Glory!

As I was lying there, I was filled with gratitude and love for Him, and as I was praising and worshipping God, I told Him that I was so grateful for all He had just shown me in these encounters. Above all, I wanted Him and to know Him more and more! As I said that to Him, I had an open vision and the Lord came to me and said, “Dance with Me.” Then He extended His hands to me as a gracious Bridegroom, and we danced together. This was just a wonderful and joyous moment of intimacy with my precious Lord!

I could sense the excitement in the Lord to share this moment with me; He was having fun and was just so happy to share these experiences with His children. He waived His hand gallantly each time, as He invited me to board the chariots with such a bright and loving smile. Our King Jesus is AWESOME!!!!!!!

During the night, there was an angel that fed me honey a total of five times. I was fed honey three times as I was laying in the church. Then as I was leaving church, this angel went in the car with me and also fed me two more times at home while I was in bed. In both instances, I could smell the honey and he would tell me to open my mouth and I could taste the honey. He told me the honey would become like fire in my belly and the Lord would give me new insight and revelation in His Word.

What a glorious evening!!

Pastor Lisette Malmberg
New Life Tabernacle in Noord, Aruba
Email: lisettegeneral@gmail.com