New Zealand Angel

New Zealand Angel

I have just finished ministering in New Zealand and have told you about the Angel from New Zealand who sometimes comes to my house.

I met him first when I was ministering in Pastor Graham Turner s church in Ohope, North Island. He was and is dressed in blue, turquoise and white. He is black and has black curly hair and big green/blue eyes. He is from Ethiopia – He is the angel who came and sang, “A whole new world” to me an then asked me to go to Siberia ( which I did) At the beginning of this year he told me to come back to thope and then Pastor Graham Turner asked me to return here.

So I ve been ministering and having a great time in Fire and Destiny church (Pastor Nathan Shaw). Dunedin, South Island. In church on Sunday I suddenly saw a golden angel who was standing on the cliffs where the Albatrosses nest ((Tairoa Point). I thought at the time that The angel looked just like the angel who was over Ruth Heflin s ministry. Then I found out that Ruth has only been to two places in New Zealand, and one of them was Dunedin.

We went out to the cliffs and Pastor Nathan invited the angel into the South Island.

Came back Monday to Auckland and then I went with Margaret Knight to Putarurru – wonderful hungry people – AOG Pastors Murray and Val Roberts. . People getting saved all over the place!!

Well then we went back to Ohope where I first met the angel with the black curly hair. Margaret Knight and I had a great time with great people. When we arrived at the lovely beach view apartment I looked out of the window and saw three water spirits patrolling up and down the sand banks. We got rid of those of course.

On Saturday when we were going into the town I saw another spirit- This one was also a water spirit and it was standing on the beach as if it owned it. The spirit was black and was clothed in a cream colored shiny gown and tall hat. It spoke to me and said it was called THE ANCIENT. I hadn t seen that spirit before but I know it had been there a very long time, guarding the ocean and beach.

A lot of towns and cities are controlled by water sprits under the ocean.

In the Star Trek series THE ANCIENTS were the ones who built Atlantis. Amazing how much God tries to show us with things staring us in the face.

There is a huge city under the ocean. A vortex- There are 4 demonic vortexes in the earth. One is over India, one is between Iraq and Iran, oGone is over the Bermuda Triangle and one is under the rcean. From the West Coast of Africa to Bermuda Triangle.

If you want to know more about that you can download an E-book from my website called “The Witch doctor and the Man”. It is the testimony of Bishop Kenco – a 4th Generation Witch doctor who was trained for 11 years under the ocean. Go to the store on my website and go to “E-books” it s at the end I think.

A lot of towns and cities are controlled by water spirit who live under the ocean.

So on Saturday afternoon we went to the beach area where I saw that spirit and Pastor Graham commanded it to leave his area. I saw it leave the beach where we were- sitting in the car.

Immediately as I was looking at the ocean I suddenly saw an angel or a being come out of the water and stand. I am going to describe exactly what I saw, it was amazing. What I saw, Margaret saw also – the whole thing. A figure in the form of a man, a crusader with a sword was standing on the beach. He was dressed just like you see in the pictures of then, Except- the cross on the tunic of the warrior was not red but silver.

I knew that the angel or being that I saw had been in a spiritual war against the Muslim spirit. I knew he had come to gather intercessors in New Zealand to war against the Muslim spirit that has a strategy for N.Z Pastor (Graham ) invited the angel into New Zealand.

As the angel came toward us and passed us in the car he suddenly changed and was HUGE. He is the hugest, biggest angel I have ever seen.

He went very quickly and we lost sight of him but we all knew he was going to touch and raise up the intercessors for this warfare.

If you know you are one of those prayer warriors – then remember- don t try and strive and work at it, it s just yielding to the anointing, that s all.

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