Pouring Water/ Dry Ground

Pouring Water on Your Dry Ground

Dryness is a huge religious spirit- it doesn’t mind how much you know – it doesn’t even mind if you know the Bible- and can quote scriptures- but it does mind if the anointing and presence of Jesus starts to flood you and those around you.


The Holy Spirit is the one who makes Jesus real- The Holy Spirit is the one who takes the words in Bible – and brings them OUT of the Bible and into your life.


There is a spirit of dryness in America and in many other even “spirit filled” places.  Because even spirit- filled people can become nominal- and not have an actual fresh experience of God. But if God is real and His presence is real it must be manifested. The spirit of dryness cuts the anointing off so that people don’t experience God.


Stay Home and Start Cleaning


God told me to stay home a while – that’s very hard for me because I Love to travel, I love airports and I love airplanes and love the many, many people I see all over the world.


But many of you supported me so that income was still coming in – and I started to wait on the Lord for a few weeks.  First he told me to clear things out of my house – cupboards, drawers, closets and get rid of things I didn’t really need. 


Then an angel – a huge angel, came through my roof. It really seemed to me that there was a hole in my roof and I could see the sky. I told David but he couldn’t see it – but he doesn’t doubt me either. When I saw the sky Adrian in Australia who wrote The Divinity Code (one of the authors) said “open heaven”  and that night people started sending Paypal amounts to my iPhone.


But the next day I saw the angel not just his foot. “SCRUBS” he looked like the guy on the ad for the soap. He was huge and had soap bubbles all around him, His arms were folded and I knew he meant business.


He told me to start cleaning. “What me?” I said? “Yes,” so I did (I am trying to make this short)


He is still here waiting for us (David) to steam clean the carpets. Then he will go.


Meanwhile on Saturday I asked the Lord for a word from someone who didn’t know me personally. Well the next morning someone on my mail list sent me a word.  This is the word:


Hi Kathie:


Hey I do not normally do this with people but I feel that I got a word for you this morning while I was in my worship time that I humbly pass along to you. The Lord showed me a HUGE wave and the wave was like suspended or held in a suspended state. It was massive and I asked the Lord what it was and I felt like he said the wave represents his glory, change and his promises in your life that have not yet come to pass but are about to be released. This wave is very powerful and will not only affect you and your life but also the lives also of those you minister to. It is a wave that brings the fulfillment of promises but also serious change in how you live and operate with the Lord and in how you share his life with others.. I keep hearing fresh anointing will be released in this wave over you life and it will not only flow but flood the lives of the others you come in contact with. Fresh anointing, Fresh life of the spirit, fresh wave of his glory and promises, Fresh and powerful coming your way!!!


Believe and Start Receiving


Well I was alone Sunday morning and I sat down on the bed and started reading out loud the words of the prophecy. Then the Lord said to believe it and start receiving the wave.  I did, and then Lord said, “The wave is to bring floods and you are to release the floods.”


A good friend, Sandy Cox, came over Sunday night.  We went for dinner and came back to my house.  THEN WE BEGAN TO RELEASE FLOODS TO Different MINISTRIES AND CHURCHES AND PEOPLE- floods of souls, floods of healings, floods of deliverance, floods of finances.


Many people have had a word about a wave coming to them – but not every wave is the same – not every wave in the ocean is the same wave. There are many waves. You have to discern what the wave is that God is sending to YOU – and what it’s for and what to do with it and how to flow in it.


Start declaring war on the spirit of dryness- let me warn you that the religious churches love that dryness because they don’t like manifestations- but you can’t have GOD and have no manifestations of His presence.


The Hebrides revival in 1948-52 came because the pastor in Barvis and the people on the islands recognized DRYNESS – if you don’t recognize the things that are in the way- you can’t make way for the things He wants to bring.


In the Hebrides Islands they asked God to pour water on the dry ground- they asked Him to heal the land – (the Hebrides are a small group of islands off the North coast of Scotland).   It’s not enough to ask. When God responds you have to receive. If God promises a wave or a move you have to receive it you have to embrace it – When He says it, it’s over, it’s done, it’s finished.


 When God told the Hebrides pastor and elders “I will heal the land” they said “Got it” and they began to tell people,  “God is coming He is healing the land.”  God said “I will pour water on dry ground.” They started to tell people and declare “God is coming, He is pouring water on dry ground.”


They Received When God said it


The Holy Spirit came and flooded the towns and villages, the pubs and the dance halls and the fields – the presence of God chased people. I spoke to people that told me, “We packed up and left the islands because if we stayed God would get us.”  It was so real- the presence of God flooded the Hebrides (See Bright and Shining Revival, on my website)






Isa 44:3-4 For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring:  And they shall spring up as among the grass, as willows by the water courses.


Expect the waves of the Spirit of God – HE PROMISED to pour WATER on him that is thirsty, and FLOODS upon the dry ground.


The promise is “I WILL.”   He will respond to the cry of you heart – He will respond to your thirst and to your hunger, He is not a liar- He is a covenant keeper. He made a covenant. “A new heart and a new spirit I will put within them.”  “I will be a Father to them and they will be my sons and daughters.” “I will keep them.”  “I will never leave you, nor forsake you” Jesus said.


I will pour water on dry ground, I will, I will, I will.  Not, “I might” not “Maybe.” I will.  I will. 


Pray against the spirit of dryness in your area, your church , your home, and watch out for the wave.  He is pouring water on dry ground.   Do what He says, wait on Him, He will never let you down. I don’t care what you don’t have, I don’t care what you think even, I only know He promised to pour water on dry ground.  


Kathie Walters www.kathiewaltersministry.com