Sunday Morning – Is it God?

Many Believe that God Instituted the Sunday Morning Church Service

Many believe that God instituted the Sunday morning church service.

Not true! Nowhere did Jesus say when you believe in me you will join a church and attend Sunday Morning Services. The scriptures do say, “Not for forsaking of the assembling of yourselves together as the manner of some.”

But Paul didn’t have in mind sitting in a pew; listening to a monologue delivered from a platform or pulpit and a watching a worship team perform. The true ministry for believers is not to be spectators, but participators.

Numbers of Church people believe their church is a consecrated building. Not true! Church is not a building, but a body or assembly of Christian people.

Many believe that Christians are people that practice their religion by attending a church.
Not true! The word Christian was a nickname given to the Disciples at Antioch. True meaning of Christ is “anointed one.” True meaning of Christians “anointed ones.”

Do you feel a religious duty to be planted in a church?
Although it is good and beneficial to be in fellowship with like minded believers, it doesn’t mean you have to be a member or a regular attendee of some organized church.

Do you feel you must attend a church on Sunday morning?
There is no scripture backing for attending church services on Sunday morning. The early church met daily and fellowshipped in homes.

Do you feel guilty if you do something else on Sunday morning rather than attend church?
You shouldn’t. God is not waiting for you in a consecrated building waiting for you to meet with Him. He lives inside you.

Do you feel you will be cursed if you don’t tithe and support the local church’s vision?
If you do, you are being controlled by spiritual witchcraft. You should support God’s vision. So give where you are really fed and blessed and don’t forget the genuine poor and hungry.

Do you feel to please God you must always obey your pastor and elders?
If you do you are in grave danger of being controlled by man rather than God. You can obey those that you given permission to have authority in your life, but only as far as they don’t contradict the character of God, the word of God, or your conscience.

When relocating to a new area do you feel that you must find a church home immediately; otherwise you could become defeated by the devil?
Don’t let fear and superstition control you. Take your time in finding where God wants you to fellowship and be led by the Holy Spirit.

Do you feel obligated to obey and do what your church teaches even though you don’t agree, have doubts in your heart, or are at odds with it?
Get set free from that false loyalty it could destroy you. You are yoked to Jesus first. If you live under His yoke (which the Bible says is easy and delightful , ) you will be in the right place.

Do you believe that attending a Sunday morning church service is sufficient enough to please God and give you success in your Christian walk?
Christianity is not an insurance policy or a traditional religious habit. Get the big picture and see Christianity as a marvelous adventure which includes every aspect of your life. God is not religious.

Do you feel that all you ever need is found in the Christian culture and anything outside of that is taboo?
Don’t let a religious spirit control you. God is the creator of the Universe; so see and recognize His handy work in a multitude of things outside of the confines of religious culture. Beautiful scenery, beautiful music, art etc. feed your soul

Do you feel guilty if you listen to secular music?
If you do then you are limiting God. In reality there is no such thing as “Christian” music. There are just Christian words given to music. Obviously there is some music that is inspired by God and some inspired and controlled by Satan. Your spirit will know what is God approved what isn’t. Watch the witness of the Spirit. There is plenty of wonderful music out there in the world which is inspired by God even if the composers don’t know it. The same applies to art and entertainment. Many talented unbelievers have been gifted by God; pray that their eyes will be opened and they will recognize Jesus as their savior. Would you feel guilty by going to the movies on a Sunday?
Most churchgoers don’t have problem as long as they went to church in the morning; so don’t worry about it. But God speaks through movies too sometimes.

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