The Hijacking of Your Faith

The Hijacking of Your Faith

Kathie Walters and Pastor Johnny Enlow

One of the tribes who often attacked the nation of Israel were the Hittites – the Hittites invariably came around at the time of harvest. Eleazor and David defended the fields and stood in the middle of the barley field, and fought against the Hittites. In 1 Chron. 11:12-14 it says “the Lord saved them with a great deliverance.” That’s a supernatural deliverance! Shammah defended a piece of ground full of Lentils -the rest of the people fled, but Shammah stood his ground and defended the field -it says that “Shammah slew the Philistines and THE LORD wrought a great victory” (2 Sam 23: 11-12).


Did you know that at the time of the terrorist attack there were many personal harvests that were aborted. I know personally of several people who were THAT DAY due to sign papers, receive quite large amounts of money ( allocated to various churches and ministries,)- take positions, that were in fact promotions! These were aborted by the terrorist attack of 11th September. But, they were not canceled.


Hittite — means “terror.” They were “terror-ites.”

What is the intent of the terror-ites? To incite fear and dread– terror. Did you realize that what happened in the natural, was a picture of what was happening in the spirit? For many of God’’s people it is a time of personal harvest as well as the harvest time for many churches and ministries. Those who have sown in serving, giving, hospitality, encouragement, are about to reap a harvest because it is Harvest time.

The Hittites want to steal your harvest – you have to defend your field – your harvest. God did battle for Eleazor and Shammah – because they were willing to stand their ground and not yield to the Hittites.


The Hittites (terror-ites) want to hijack your mind! How do they do that? By instilling fear, doubt, uncertainty, discouragement etc. So, you have to rise up and declare war on the enemy – who would come and steal your harvest.

God told the Israelites that He would deliver the seven “ites” into their hand.” Seven nations mightier than you” (Deut.7: 1-2). David fought one Goliath but here are seven of them! Man that’s a challenge isn’’t it? But it’’s your opportunity to let God be God and move on your behalf.


“His eyes run to and fro throughout the whole earth, looking to show Himself strong on behalf of those that love Him” (11 Chron:16,9) God wants to move in His power, but you can’’t sit at home and wait. “God knows where I live, so He can heal me if He wants to”— mentality will NOT bring God’’s power and victory into your life. The Hittites in our lives are robbing us of God’’s best.

You can’’t tolerate the Hittites in your field – In Deut 7:2 God commanded His people to utterly destroy the “ites” and to “show no mercy unto them.”

You can’’t sympathize with the devil – don’’t sympathize with fear – cast it out. It is a Hittite – a robber, and thief. Jesus said, “Take no thought….” the trouble is that we often do take the thought and then spend energy fighting it!. Learn not to take it in the first place – when the devil of fear whispers to you – don’’t reason with it, don’t entertain it. Declare war on it – show no mercy on it. Fear is FAITH IN THE WRONG THING. If you have fear of the future, you are putting in your faith in a negative – God has your future secure n His hand -He has a destiny for you to fulfill- a wonderful adventure in God.


When I lived years ago on the beach in Australia (well not actually ON the beach) there was on occasion many White Pointer sharks in the water. One Saturday afternoon the alarm went off around 90 times – people had to scramble out of the water time and time again. These small sharks had 120 circular rows of teeth.

When we got into the water we were out of our natural environment – and in the realm of the shark’s natural environment. In the water, he was the boss. But, if you put that same shark in the parking lot – guess what? He is out of his environment and was virtually useless -In fact he couldn’’t live there, let alone function and be any threat.

The devil can only operate in lies (ocean) – “He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM..” ( Jn 8:44)


In order to get to you, he has to lure you into his territory – so he will LIE TO YOU. If you receive the lie and entertain it – you are getting into his territory. But if you remain in the truth ( parking lot) there is nothing he can do – he cannot abide, or live in the truth.
The next time the old fox comes and speaks to you and makes you feel down and depressed – “Nothing is working out right”, “God is not going to come through” remember the shark -he is just trying to get you into the water.

“Devil – you are a liar – Jesus is still on the throne, the devil is still under my feet, I still have power in the name of Jesus, over all the power of the enemy, God Has me in His mighty hand.” Stay in the Parking lot (truth) The truth will set you free- declare war on the Hittites – there is a harvest about to be released- don’’t let the terror-ites hijack your harvest – don’’t let the enemy hijack your faith!

Kathie Walters/ Pastor Johnny Endow, Atlanta.

Kathie Walters