Visitations, Angels & Kids

Visitations, Angels, and Drunk Kids

Here is an account of what happened this morning as I was praying:

I saw Niagara Falls and I was standing on the water about 200 yards from the actual falls, at the edge of the water and I could feel the water rushing around my legs. I was being drawn towards the Falls as if it was inevitable that I was under it. Scary really. Than as I got close I was excited but suddenly a chariot came from heaven ( the chariots of God have been coming into the meetings and taking people up in them) and took me up over the Falls – very fast. Next minute I was in a meeting at the front, ministering to a line of people who had come forward for prayer. The anointing was strong and very bright.
Then I saw the Angel who accompanies me ( ministry), He was walking among the people with a glass of wine, as he always does. I suddenly felt led of the Spirit to ask the Lord for another Angel to be assigned to my ministry. I don’t know why I said that as I had not thought about it before.

Then I saw another Angel appear that I didn’t know and hadn’t seen before. He was standing at the side and he was holding a little change purse.

Then I saw a dark haired lady to my right who was in this line. She was standing with her eyes closed and the glory was on her uplifted face. She had her two hands spread out in front of her and the Angel walked over to her and took a gold coin out of the change purse and placed it in her hand. She looked and then laughed. I knew that she had two children at home, and a husband.

The Angel was going to stay.

I just need to say that every God appointed ministry and church has an Angel who is over it to help. I will explain something more about that at the end of this. I asked the Lord what was the Angel’s name, as I figured if he was staying at least I would like to know his name. The Lord said, ” His name is Joel.” “Why is he called Joel” I asked thinking of the prophet Joel. “Read Joel and you will see,” the Lord replied to me. So I did – this is the scripture that jumped out to me (Amplified) chapter 2 V 14 Who knows but what He will turn, revoke the sentence of evil ( poverty spirit) and leave a blessing behind Him ( giving you the means with which to serve Him, even a meal or drink offering.

Now you know that if you have been in my meetings I nearly always pray against the poverty spirit, because there are so many of God’s people who are hindered from doing what God has called them to do because they do not have the finances. It makes me mad -and I am always complaing to the Lord about it. The other thing is that I love to give because I know Gods’ heart is to bless, He is not stingy, He is extravagant sometimes. He doesn’t always buy the cheapest you know!

Many Christians have had a background of just making it from week to week. Paycheck to paycheck, but God doesn’t want us to live like that. He wants us to be a channel of blessings. Ministry, love, compassion. faith and also finances. He has to break those old mindsets.

Anyway now Joel is here. He will supernaturally supply finances for people, like the Angel who gives the wine, his name is Micah. I was so happy because I have had a burden about this for a long time. It is not enough to give people only words, they need to see the goodness of God (not just hear about it.) What would have become of me if I had believed to see the goodness of God in the land of the living, (Ps 27:13)

Hebrews 2 says (v4) that God showed approval of the message by signs and wonders and various miraculous manifestations of His power and by imparting the gifts of His spirit ( great translation).

I Love to buy presents, I love to bless people, I love to be able to give. Most people do because it’s God’s heart.

Something about Angels- who are ministering spirits sent to minister to the heirs of Salvation (Heb 1:14). They minister to us and also with us. Angels by the way are not religious – the church has very strong religious mindsets about angels. I have had angels come and make me laugh. In case someone is thinking ” We mustn’t worship angels.” Well God’s angels wouldn’t let you worship them, so that’s not an issue is it? If an angel came to you and wanted you to worship him, I think you would know he wasn’t from God! That doesn’t take a great deal of discernment – unless we are as thick as two planks ( English expression).

Now I quickly want to tell you about this – it is an account from my “Angels Watching Over You” book:

The spiritual order of Angels. Kathie Walters May 2004

I was at an End Time Handmaidens conference in Washington DC several years ago. I noticed in the first morning meeting a big Angel in the meeting. He stood to the right hand side of the balcony, watching over the meeting. I asked the Lord who this angel was. It is OK to ask the Lord questions you know! He replied, “This the Angel who is over End Time Handmaiden’s ministry, who is under the Arch Angel Michael. Michael is the Angel who is over Jerusalem.”“ Hmm, interesting,” I thought, that explains why ETH feels so close to Israel.

The next morning again in the worship, my son in law, David, suddenly turned to me and said, “Did you see that cloud, like gold dust?” “No” I said, really thinking he was a little weird.

I happened to look up at the balcony and I saw the same angel I had seen the previous day. But after a few minutes he moved over to the left side of the balcony. Then I saw a strange thing, another angel came and stood where the first angel had stood, as if he was watching over the meeting. I wondered what was going on. This angel was like a cloud of golden glory.

Then sister Gwen Shaw announced that Ruth Heflin had come to preach that morning. At that time I didn’t know who Ruth Heflin was. I did not know that she was “the glory lady.” This glory Angel stayed in that place on the right hand side of the balcony, while Ruth was ministering. When she was through, she left the hotel and the Angel left also and went with her. Then the first angel ( ETH Angel) came back and took his position again overseeing sister Gwen’s meeting.

This was very interesting to me. When Ruth was ministering ( by invitation of sister Gwen) the angel in charge of ETH stepped aside and allowed Ruth’s angel to have control over the meeting while Ruth was ministering. I saw the order of the Angels in this. I have noticed that when I go somewhere to minister by invitation of the senior Elder or Pastor, the angel of that particular church stands aside and allows my angels to take charge, while I am ministering. When I am through, the church or fellowship angel steps back into his position.

We also have to be aware that we too are under a spiritual formation of order. That is why it is not good to get out of order in the Spirit. You know that I don’t mean order as in a graveyard.

You know that I LOVE Holy Ghost disorder when the glory of God is everywhere. Like at the “Mighty Young Warriors” conference in NY a couple of weeks ago. Friday, the kids were laid our under the power of God all over the church. Some were taken into heaven, saw glimpses of hell and talked to angels. Saturday most of the 200 kids were drunk in the Spirit and David had had them prophesying and doing intercession. I was doing a couple of wild meetings at the same time) and apparently there was an unusual move of the Spirit during the intercession.

When David had them pray for the sick, there were so many healings that we just couldn’t get them all. The spirit of God was doing about 50 things at the same time and it was WONDERFUL – I love that don’t you?- everyone praying for everyone and all kinds of incredible things happening. A group of the teens were as drunk as skunks, and got really free of that “teen image” thing which spoils them from having a great time with Jesus.
Well I ne
ed to stop. I am off to UK Tuesday. It’s David’s mom’s 100th b’day. And we are both ministering in Wales at different churches. Then Savannah on 28-30th May. Sharon will put more info on my website or you can call Lee in Savannah 912 660 3090 – her Email is

Then I am going to do a conference in Paris then THE CELTIC FIRE conference in Vermont. Check out my website- order some books, send some money so I can go somewhere like Korea ( is on my heart).

Meanwhile loads of blessings
Kathie Walters