Angels Love Your Ministry

Angels Love Your Ministry


Some years ago I was speaking at a large Women’s conference in New England.

There were a lot of women there and some great speakers. Iverna Tomkins was one of them.  I love to listen to Iverna.

About the second meeting (I was sitting on the platform) the Lord told me to wave a couple of scarves during the worship.  Someone had given them to me as a gift. During lunch time someone else gave me another couple of colored scarves and as I went to the afternoon meeting another lady gave me a scarf. Now I had six scarves all different colors. They had scriptures on them and actually they are the same scripture scarves that our ministry has available now.

So next meeting I was waving around 3 scarves in each hand. Then I looked up and saw an angel from Africa standing in the balcony.  I can’t remember which African country now.  But I asked the Lord, “What is an angel from Africa doing here in a conference in New England?” The Lord told me, “He has come to help some women raise the money to go to Africa to speak at a Pastor’s conference.”

I asked if I could tell what the Lord said and about the angel in the balcony.  I shared it before the speaker gave the message. This was a main session.

Angels are Very Involved in Your Ministry and Life 

After the meeting a group of women were waiting for me outside the meeting room door. “We have been invited to speak at a conference in Africa of 2,000 pastors. We are raising the money to go and we have a table to sell the scarves you are waving on the platform.”  “Oh great,” I said, as people were already asking me where I got the scarves, looking to buy one or two for themselves. “The problem is that our table is on the floor ABOVE the conference room so no one is seeing the table.”  Well we soon fixed that and they sold out of scarves and raised all the money they needed. So angels are very involved in your ministry and life – just like I teach you.

In my workshop I had one of the strongest anointings I ever had.  I never even prayed for people at the end, they all just started falling over in groups. People were coming from other workshops and they had to close the doors in the end.

When I left the meeting room to go back to my hotel room, people walking past me were being knocked sideways. I don’t really know how to describe that – when I say “knocked sideways” I don’t mean in a bad way; it was funny.

When I got in the elevator a couple of people (business people) slid down the wall of the elevator.  I think someone was trying to tell them about Jesus in all of this.

Did Anyone not Receive?

The final meeting when Iverna was wrapping up the conference. She said “Did anyone not receive what they needed?” Well out of a crowd of about 1000 women no one is going to jump up and say, “Me I didn’t receive what I needed.”  But I felt a strong yoke around my neck and shoulders and the lady next to me leaned over and said, “I didn’t receive what I needed.”  I said, “I know. You have a yoke on you that’s preventing you from going on.”  “Yes,” she said. I prayed for her for maybe one minute and she got set free.  So what Iverna was believing for happened.

Another lady who was ministering didn’t like me praying for this other lady and I don’t think she liked the supernatural realm much. When she ministered she was actually quite funny but she didn’t really say anything if you know what I mean

Anyway they didn’t invite me back. I think N.E at the time missed out on a move of God.  I don’t mean because of me but because although it was good teaching God wasn’t allowed to do much.

We live in a spiritual realm. God wants to do His thing. Maybe we should let Him.  Sometimes it seems when God starts to do something, He’s getting in the way of our programs.

Well watch out – if you invite Him, He might just take over – been in those revivals -amazing. If He does take over you had better get out of the way.

Kathie Walters