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It began with a vision. I saw in the Spirit the church, (all of us) in a gigantic swimming pool, all those that were baptized into Christ, and being changed.  I noticed that some were gazing up towards a rectangular crevice that was far up the vertical face of the wall, next to the pool, and these people seemed to be filled with an anticipation and expectancy. Their eyes  were fixed upon what would be the crest of a waterfall, as if fresh water was about to start flowing. Others were oblivious to the crevice in the high place and were just happy to be in the water, being able to stand in their own strength, unaware that a great change was coming and the opportunity to go deeper was at hand.

I noticed a clock on the adjacent wall, a huge timepiece with its hands displaying. It was close to the time of the hour, the appointed moment that some had been patiently waiting for. The time for fresh water to be poured upon the body of His church.

This timing of refreshing and pouring is going to bring about great opportunities. A time to increase in depth by relationship and character, a time of great prospect in growth of understanding in your spiritual gifts. In the opportunities about to be made available, in this season of change. It’s a great time to practice moving in the gifts, by faith.  He is going forward and preparing the land for an enormous harvest,, but we must be tuned in to His perfect plan, watchful for this great change that is going to take place. Lean on these doors of opportunity that are about to open and be ready to allow Him to move through you by faith. Possess His promises to you, make them yours and take back what was stolen from you and your family, and allow the anointing to be used for His glory. You will have  the greatest adventure of a lifetime.

In another vision the Lord showed me lines of people who had been waiting for their ministries to begin. These were represented as a series of water slides that were about to be made available, all manner of sizes with many ups, downs, turns and twists, and He explained to me that these represented people’s different life journeys. I asked Him how much they cost, to which He replied, “The best and most exciting journey of them all costs everything”.  So then I asked Him how much the cheapest journey was, to which He answered and said, “The cheapest journey wasn’t much of a journey at all.”

Change is coming. The opportunity is at hand to go deeper, to stop standing in the comfort of our own strength, and plunge by faith into the most exciting journey of a lifetime.

For He is about to shake the world, I saw outpourings of His glory all over the world. It was going to be like an unstoppable tsunami wave, washing in over the land. As the waters receded, there are going to be brand new creations washed ashore. Washed out of the world, At first disoriented by the change that He is bringing in their new surroundings. The Lord has prepared the harvest for your ministry. Many opportunities and promises to be fulfilled in this season.

This season of change that’s going to shake the world is also going to shake religious structures. Great revelations are about to be revealed; paths that have seemed closed are about to be opened.

This season of great change, is a double-edged opportunity, for the lost and those waiting for their gifting’s and callings to the lost, the double blessings that are about to be unpacked, a time for those that move in the solid truth and faith, to pass through the doors of change.

These visions and dreams were given over the last year, but recently He brought them to my attention and He gave me the words, “The time is now.”

So I encourage you all to take the journey that “costs everything”, fully submerge your will for His. Yielding to Him, not trying and striving to impress Him.  His friendship comes by faith alone, its the ticket you need for the wildest ride. And those who have been waiting and shaped patiently, laboring in love by works of His Spirit. Be expectant and watchful for those open doors as you accelerate into the change that He is about to bring.

Joy for the journey

Kevin Dexer

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