I was talking to friends who used to work for a minister who was very prophetic and attractive.  He got quite a following.
Well, this guy thought he didn’t need to listen to anyone else because he had visitations and talked to God himself. He said they (the people who worked for his ministry) also shouldn’t hear other ministries because his revelation was all they need.

I know you know it doesn’t work that way. God had deposited His truth in every believer, not one man has the whole truth. We need every joint supplying to make up the Body and produce demonstrations of truth as a whole. We declare the whole counsel of God together. We are not all an eye or a foot we are a part of the whole revelation of Jesus Christ. We need each other. It’s dangerous to think you have THE truth – that’s how the spirit of Elitism comes – run when you see that

Now the other things that happened in this ministry is that the leader began to try to control everything they did.
He even went so far as to say, “when I am away traveling I can see you and hear you.” ” I can see you in your house, and I can hear what you say.” He put a big picture of himself in the office to remind them he was watching. Creepy!
A couple of people left but others got fearful, and my friends turned into an emotional wreck. The minister guy kept pastors associated with him on a life support system, depending on him instead of the Lord. At this point, the Lord gave me a word for him, “If you don’t pull the plugs on those life support systems I’ll pull them myself.” After a year, he didn’t pull the plugs, so God did.

I hope you realize that Jesus is your ONLY lifeline into the realm of GOD

There is no other. Even as leaders, we are not allowed to interfere with people’s lifeline.
Leaders are to encourage you and help you hear from God for yourself. Leaders are not to control God’s sheep they are supposed to take care and provide good pasture and help them fulfill their destiny.

Submission doesn’t mean you do everything people tell you to do, it means you are open .. you should listen if someone feels they have something, but when the rubber hits the road, you have to do what you believe God is telling you. He is the One who is going to ask you
“What did you do with the anointing I put on your life?”

If you’re involved in a place where there is elitism, control, manipulation you should run. Holy Spirit is jealous. “You were bought with a price, the precious blood of the Lamb.”
Make sure you’re in a place where they are helping you bring forth all your callings and destiny.

We had to smash and bury the CDS where my friends had such manipulative “prophecies” over them. We broke off the curses and had a burial service for the CDs. They moved on with their lives after that

BEING “CAPTIVATED.”  I’ve noticed another situation that happens. i.e., I have seen where there has been a disagreement in a church, and it’s not always the leadership who is right.  Anyway, there was a division, and people were forced to take sides. The pastors began to give attention to people they had previously ignored. Getting “snuggly,” they began to talk about how they were going to use them in the ministry and help them, and train them, etc.  so the people began to get “sweet talked” and come under a spell.
Sounds a bit strong I know, but it is like a spell because it makes people forget what the real issues were about.

The people took the leaders side against the others, although the started out not agreeing with them. The leaders usually end up not doing any of the things they promised because they were not interested in helping those people. And the people are left disappointed and used.

Each one of us has an awesome destiny to fulfill. Ask me about the nests God is making right now. I will write about it
See my book “Elitism and the spirit of control.” On my website and get a copy of  “Spiritual Strategies” CD set if you want to understand more about this.

(Note to pastors. You will Always have the one or two who will Never listen to anyone. I am not speaking of those people)

Kathie Walters

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