LANDRUM, SC – “Glory on Glassy Mountain” – Kathie Walters

THE CLIFFS AT GLASSY 10 Plumley Summit Road, Landrum, SC, United States

  If You Are Hungry - And Want To Be Delirious About Jesus, You Are Invited to this Conference  on Glassy Mountain Friday, 15th 6:30 PM - Registration 7:00 PM - Meeting -  "How to drop the weight and fly high" Saturday, 16th 9:00 AM - Registration 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM - Meeting - "Receiving all your


COLUMBIA, SC – “Grace and Glory” – Kathie Walters

Hampton Inn Southeast Columbia 209 E. Exchange Blvd, Columbia, SC, United States

Come On Over!  You Need To Laugh! Let God work through you - more will happen in  a lot less time,  with  a lot  less effort. Find the simple secrets of Jesus power. How to stop striving and learn to simply yield to the Holy Spirit. MEETING TIMES Friday, Aug 24 6:30 PM - Registration 7:00 PM