SIMPSONVILLE, SC – “Living in the Heavenly Realms”

Hampton Inn 3934 Grandview Drive, Simpsonville, SC, United States

  Get rid of the weights and mindsets that keep you from receiving all of your inheritance in the Spirit. MEETING TIMES Friday, June 23rd 6:30 PM - Registration 7:00 PM Meeting "Getting Rid of Religious Mindsets" Saturday, June 24th 9:30AM - Registration  Meeting 10am  -  12:30 pm  (How to receive ) 10:00 AM - Meeting "How

JACKSONVILLE, FL – “Knowing the Holy Spirit – Eagles and Owls” (CLICK ON EVENT TO REGISTER – “BUY NOW!” IS BEING FIXED)

Eyes Of Fire Ministries Inc. Regency Park 9400 Atlantic Blvd Ste 92, Jacksonville, FL, United States

 IF YOU ARE (OR WANT TO BE) A NOW-TIME PROPHET - THIS IS IMPORTANT! This is a special "Knowing the Holy Spirit and knowing His ways” day. You will discover some things about the Holy Spirit that you may not know. People sometimes don’t think of the Holy Spirit as someone they should know, but

WAUCHULA, FL – “Heavenly Encounters and Releases” – Kathie Walters

Higher Ground Int'l Ministries 1258 West Main Street, Wauchula, FL, United States

THIS IS A SPECIAL TIME OF IMPARTATION! If you are truly hungry to experience heavenly encounters and releases - this is the place to come!   Friday, November 9 6:30 PM - Registration 7:00 PM - Meeting - "Religious Mindsets Must Fall Away"  Saturday, Nov 10 9:30 AM - Registration 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM -


VALDOSTA, GA – “Special – Impartation for Seers” – Kathie Walters

Gail Eldridge 1304 deerbrook drive, Valdosta, GA, United States

God showed me a group  of Seers with helmets. He told me they would be a powerful group. Come to Valdosta, GA! If you're not sure if you are a Seer, come and find out. God is raising up a group of seers in Valdosta. Heavy hitters in the Spirit. That means you can still