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The Lord provided more  desks for kids so that kids can comfortably write or read  .We also were able to buy office chairs and tables where the teachers can sit on as they prepare their lessons. They love the Bible class..They are knowing Jesus Hallelijah

The Lord, through a saint, saved the 104 kids  from jiggers by providing 105 pairs shoes and socks fort he kids. They felt greatly loved and blessed, they were the happiest people in the village because no other public school provides shoes for their students.

We do need a dining room too because right now tte children have to sit outside on the ground for their lumch. Bugs !!!

We have just finished harvesting long rain maize and beans from the land we had leased, and are preparing the land to plant beans and maize during the short rains. We still need certified seeds and fertilizer. We praise God for your sacrificial support to these Jesus friends  and I believe that God will abundantly  bless you.

We need clothing and blankets which we can buy locally if we have money. One of our teachers walks almost 6 miles to and from schooland so we need a couple of bicycles–  She would be grateful and our other teachers could sure use one too

We are grateful.. and we have happy kids and a happy place


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