Tricked or Treated Special! – Angels in Your Life & Spiritual Strategies


Are you being tricked or treated? Learning to discern between The Holy Spirit and evil spirits is prevalent, and Halloween reminds us of the importance of this lesson.

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  • “Angels in Your Life”

Have you wondered about the part angels play in your daily life? Do you suppose that they are around only certain special people? Do you believe they are sent for “special occasions,” like when someone is in danger? Angels have a ministry to the Saints of God (that’s you and I) to strengthen, comfort, and help us in our ministries. All throughout the Bible, angels have had a part in God’s relationship to men, women, and children.

Kathie Walters, believes in Angels. In this book she shares the importance of the ministry of angels. She shows how angels operate in scripture in history, and also shares many of her own experiences with angels.

This Book has 112 pages.

Author: Kathie Walters

  • “Spiritual Strategies” (3CD Set)

The enemy is not disorganized, he has a plan, he has an assignment. The Bible says we are not to be ignorant of his (the devil) devices – but often we are – This set of CD’s uncovers some of the strategies the enemy sets in motion.

For example – did you know that the spirit of control does not come into a church through control – it comes in through some form of Elitism. This spiritual strategies set will alert you and give you clarity.

Author: Kathie Walters


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