DENMARK – “Glory”

Meeting Times Friday 4th May “Living in the Glory”, seminar OMEGA Christian Center. city: Thisted Saturday 5th May: “Living in the Glory”, seminar, OMEGA Christian Center. city: Thisted Sunday 6th May: Morning service OMEGA Christian Center. city: Thisted

BILLINGS, MT – “The Glory Realm and Your Freedom”

BRING YOUR DANCNG SHOES AND SUNGLASSES! Getting free from you mindsets, learning how to receive from God. Discover the ministry of the Angels in your life and ministry, and heaven realm. Friday, May 25  6:30 PM – Friday 7:00 PM – Meeting Saturday, May 26 9:30 AM – Registration 10:00 AM – Meeting 12:00 PM

COQUITLAM, BC – “Living in the Supernatural”

Meeting Times Friday, March 23  6:30PM – Registration Saturday, March 24 9:00 AM – Registration 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM – Snack Lunch (included) 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM – Conference with Prayer Conference – $30 Sunday, March 25 10:30 AM Meet/Greet 11:00 AM Service

FLEMINGTON, NJ – “Special One Day Meeting”

Special Meeting at a Special Cozy Place. Holy Spirit Loves It Here. Here You Can Hear! PLEASE REGISTER BELOW WHAT IS YOUR TRUE PURPOSE AND DESTINY? ASK QUESTIONS, TALK ABOUT ANGELS, SPIRITS, SUPERNATURAL THINGS. WHERE ARE YOU GOING?    Saturday, March 31 10:00 AM – 12.00PM – Meeting 12:00 PM to 12:45 PM –  Snack Lunch

SAN ANTONIO – “Eagles And Owls And God’s Chariots”

Saturday,  Feb 10 10:30 AM – Special House Group Meeting  “Eagles And Owls And God’s Chariots” 12:00 PM – Snack Lunch 12:30 PM – “A Supernatural Time Of Harvest  Is Very  Close – Be A Part Of It” Followed by Prayer for Impatation   PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL FOR ENTRANCE CODE AND PLEASE REGISTER BELOW.  

ERIE, PA – “Heavenly Realm is For You”

Be a Part of the Harvest! God is reaching the unsaved with signs and wonders and He wants to use YOU.   Friday, Feb 23th 6:30 PM – Registration 7:00 PM – “Being Available For Miracles” Saturday, Feb 24TH  9:30 AM – Registration 10:00  AM  – 12: 00 PM – “Supernatural Eagles And Owls – Part I”