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Your donations allow us to share our message of living fully God’s Supernatural Realm. There is a lot involved in organizing conferences, ministering to people, travel, paying staff, and creating materials to spread God’s word.

We are living in the day when God is about to release His glory. The supernatural realm of the Holy Spirit is our inheritance. God did not intend that we would just have religious head-knowledge, although we should know the Scriptures.

The miracle power of God, the Angels, and heavenly visitations, are supposed to be a normal part of our lives. Condemnation, fear, false standards, intimidation, unbelief, inferiority etc. are all manifestations of Satan’s attack against your fulfilling the great destiny that is in your life. Everyone of us has a destiny to fulfill and God’s supernatural power and anointing is available to us. Thank-you for your support in spreading these messages.