Kathie’s Core Book Set (3 Books)


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  • “Living in the Supernatural”
  • “The Spirit of False Judgment”
  • “The Visitation”


Buy 3 and Save!

  • “Living in the Supernatural”

Kathie relates how to live in our inheritance – Supernaturally. Like a follow-up to Benny Hinn’s Good Morning, Holy Spirit.

“…we begin to live in a supernatural realm. Life in this realm is more than reading a Bible, attending church and trying to live morally. The Christian life in its essence is being filled with the Spirit, living in the Spirit and walking in the Spirit.”

The book has 63 pages.


  • “The Spirit of False Judgment”

Most Christians have lived and judged churches, individual people and ministries according what they have seen and heard with their natural eyes and ears. Kathie shows how to judge according to the revelation of the Spirit. This book has 72 pages.


  • “The Visitation – The Divine Romance”

Supernatural revelation received of the Heavenly Bride and Bridegroom.

“I thank God for His visitations, they preserve and keep my spirit according to the Word of God. I do not solely rely on experiences for my strength to walk in the Spirit, I learned and am still learning to walk in the truth…”
This book has 62 pages.

Co-Author: Faith Walters


Author: Kathie Walters

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