Living in Revival


  • “Living in Revival”

From their experiences in the mid seventies revival they re-tell the amazing events which happened at that time. This is an exciting and amazing account which will thrill and stir up the hungry heart.

This book has 154 pages

Author: David & Kathie Walters


“God used everyone. We didn’t have a front, we didn’t have a pulpit, we didn’t have a platform, we didn’t have a worship team to lead us into the presence of God. We came into the presence of God when we met and it was like an explosion of life. We didn’t just want a good meeting we wanted a God meeting.” (Page 70) Can we see that same thing happening today? Absolutely!

At the front of the church written on the wall was a painting of a cross and banner wrapped around it which said, “The Truth Will Set You Free.” Pastor Doug prayed quietly to God, “Lord if you want me to be baptized you will need to write it on the wall like the sign. No one else needs to see it, just me.” Immediately an elderly lady across the other side of the church jumped up and began to prophesy, “Why have you asked the Lord to write it on the wall, when He has already written on the tables of your heart?” (Page 6)

“This sixteen year old Catholic boy (he had accepted the Lord during the weekend) was standing in a trance in the middle of the room surrounded by a circle of the rest of the teens. He had his eyes closed and his hand was stretched out with his finger pointing at the teens. At the same time he was slowly moving around like the hands of a clock and every time he pointed to one of the teens they fell to the floor and started getting delivered. It was like the finger of God. Some of them were screaming and were trying to run away, but they couldn’t because their feet were stuck to the floor.” (Page 115)

Author: David & Kathie Walters

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