NEW ORLEANS – “Supernatural Season Change; How to Rest” – Kathie Walters

SUPERNATURAL SEASON CHANGE ALL KINDS OF POVERTY SPIRITS HAVE TO GO- WE DON’T HAVE TIME ANGELS AND BREAKING POVERTY AND LACK   Friday,  July 12th 6:30 PM – Registration 7.00 PM – Meeting LOCATION: Olive Branch Ministries 4211 Williams Blvd # A, Kenner, LA 70065 Saturday, July 13th 10:00 AM – Meeting 12:30 PM –

WHEELER, IL – “The Heavenly Realms are Your Dwelling Place”

You Will Never Be The Same Meeting times Friday, November 3rd 6:30 PM – Registration 7:00 PM “Living Religion Free” Saturday, November 4th 9:30 AM – Registration 10:00 AM – “How to Live in the Supernatural Realm” 12:30 – Snack lunch                     1.00 PM – “The Angels in Your Life”

SIMPSONVILLE, SC – “Living in the Heavenly Realms”

  Get rid of the weights and mindsets that keep you from receiving all of your inheritance in the Spirit. MEETING TIMES Friday, June 23rd 6:30 PM – Registration 7:00 PM Meeting “Getting Rid of Religious Mindsets” Saturday, June 24th 9:30AM – Registration  Meeting 10am  –  12:30 pm  (How to receive ) 10:00 AM – Meeting “How

(Near) NEWCASTLE, UK – “Living in the Glory”

Meeting Times God is a supernatural God. The Heavenly realm is meant to be a normal part of our lives. Tuesday, 9th May 7:00 PM: “Getting Rid of Religious Mindsets” Wednesday,  10th May 2017 7:00 PM: “The Angels and the Heavenly Realm”   REGISTER HERE: £10 FOR BOTH NIGHTS

Kathie Walters and Kat Kerr in MELBOURNE, FL – “Encounter Heaven Now!”

PRE-REGISTRATION CLOSED – PLEASE REGISTER AT THE DOOR Kathie believes that the realm of the Spirit, the Angels, and Heavenly visitations are meant to be a normal part of our lives. Come and learn how to receive your supernatural inheritance and live in God’s glory.     Kat believes “Ages have come and gone and now on His