The Best Ireland Tour Ever – 2019!

POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Do you love 17th-century castle-hotels, Irish tea shops, celtic historic places — where St Patrick began his ministry? Then you must come on this Great Ireland Tour! The Best Ireland tour 2019 is going to be outstanding! There is no other tour like this! This is not a  mission or a ministry Read More

DENMARK – “Living in the Holy Spirit Realm” – Kathie Walters

Learn to: See in the Spirit Hear from God Discern of spirits Experience Heavenly Visitations See Angels Receive Freedom from Religion Friday, October 5th 7:00 PM: Meeting Saturday, October 6th 10.00 AM- 4.00 PM: Meeting with lunch break  Sunday, October 7th 10AM: Open Meeting (No registration required) Registration and fee: 250 Danish Krones ($40 including food Read More