Word for Tampa Area (and for you too)



We arrived early at hotel so went over to the restaurant to get a  bite to eat.

When we left the restaurant and got back into the car my ears were burning very hot and then I had a strange sticky feeling in my ears and it was honey, Many of you know the story of when the honey (revelation) angel came to my house and gave me honey. The same angel is always there in my meetings now because the honey is for the BODY-

Anyway as my ears were full of honey I knew that the spirit of revelation was present for these meetings. I always wait until I can smell the honey in the meeting before I preach – as guess what? you don’t need any more religous information from me or anyone else. REVELATION  – yes that different.

So I began to ask the Lord to open ears and anoint ears to hear the Word of the Lord.

Then I had a vision – it was of wooden gates and there was water coming through the bottom of the gates- but barely. There wasn’t much water. There was  a lot of sludge though.

I got the word “sluice gate” and I didn’t know what that was. I came back to the hotel to look it up on the internet.

Two things – the main one is the the water level in a lake or river or stream is controlled by the sluice gates. You have to lift the gates to allow more water to flow. If the water doesn’t flow then there is a sludge that builds up. They can also use the sluice gate to dredge off the sludge – but the main thing I saw was that the gates (that’s you and me) need to be OPEN – FOR THE river of God to flow. 

The river flows through people. The word I had was this: ” Be open-open up. Don’t tell God how to do it, stop telling Him what He can do and what he can’t do. 

Don’t tell Him who He can use and who He can’t use. He can use whom He wants. God gave me a very powerful word through a Muslim man on a plane going from ATL to Aruba.

Don’t let your religious mindsets prevent you from receiving all the things that God is doing and is about to do.

You will be hearing things you have never heard before and seeing things you have never seen before. 

Often if God doesn’t do it your way- you write it off. Well “be open” that’s all I can say

I sent out on my mail list the story of my friend who had an very unusual testimony. God ministered to him through his dog, Osgood, and he got saved, delivered from drugs, delivered from homosexuality, got filled with Holy Spirit, spoke in tongues, started prophesying, without ever being to a church – God ministered to him through Osgood. Well that’s a mind stretcher isn’t it?

But you know,God is not asking what you think about it -He isn’t asking your opinion nor your permission.

He is going to open the gates if you are willing – if you want the river to flow. Be open – open the gates of your mind and let the religious mindsets fall – they  are like walls that prevent you from letting in the water of LIFE and power and joy.

What if you had a city and you built walls to keep the enemy out – but in the process of trying to keep the enemy out you found you were keeping out your best and closest ally? 

The city is your mind and walls are those religious concepts and some of the things you are so convinced about. The Holy Spirit is our best friend and He wants to come into the city and knock down some of those walls so that the goodness of God can come in and flood your mind. 

So that truth can come in and set you free – 

Make sure you have my CD ” Getting Free and Living in the Supernatural” it deals with the major three religous spirit in the church at large, especially in America.

So that the joy can fill you and give you revelation of who HE REALLY IS and who You really are.

Revelation Of what He has really accomplished for you. He already provided everything you could ever ask or think of in your entire life-

I say over and over – All the realm of the Spirit, the supernatiral realm, the angels, heavenly visitaitions, are meant to be a NORMAL part of your life. That’s  for every believer, not just a few people on the platform. 

You are meant to lay hands on the sick- not just Benny Hinn. I thank God for the awesome healing gift in Benny Hinn, but it’s a gift for the Body of Christ, it’s not a gift for Benny. The Gifts are also meant to flow through people like you and me. 

Open the gates of your mind. There are things for you to do, there are places for you to go. 

Open up to the Spirit of God, open up to your calling- it’s much much bigger than you think.

I am so sick of religious spirits that rip people off -and leaders who take advantage of the sheep; who use them to keep their own wheel going round. They aren’t your sheep dear Pastor, they are His sheep, better feed them good stuff; not food that helps the leader “keep them in order.”

I have had leaders and pastors say to me ” Kathie don’t tell people they can prophesy – it causes us a problem as there are some who always mess up.”
Well you know what – there will ALWAYS BE SOME who mess up – you’re the pastor, go and help them, but don’t sacrifce the whole herd who have the potential to prophesy pretty accurately. 

The Bible says that we can all prophesy, so what are we gonna do? tear out a few pages to make it fit
into our church theology? 

“My sheep hear My voice” Jesus said-leadere are supposed to encourage people to hear from God for themselves and obey. Not hear from God via someone else. 

I am not saying God dosn’t speak through leaders – of course He does, He also speaks through children – sometimes LOUDLY. 

God told me twice in dream to pray for the sick, but I kept forgetting because I usually concentrate on getting people delivered from religious spirits.

When I was in a restaurant recently- I was eating with my daughter and my little five year old granddaughter, Inisfree. In the middle of the meal Inisfree suddenly put down her knife and fork, stood on the chair and pointed at me, She said, “Nanna, God said ‘pray for the sick'” Then she sat down and continued eating. 

Last week in the same restaurant I was relating something to the other people at the table – again Inisfree looked up and put her hand on my arm and said. ” Nana, be quiet now.” She just said it in a calm, quiet but she spoke with authority and I knew it was God. Be open – God can use whom He wants.

This is good for your pride: “sometimes the mailman has muddy boots” quote from Arthut Burt.

I think I will continue this tomorrow – But I want to talk about what humility really is and what  “submission” really means. 

So many people are intimidated by leaders, because they are accused of being rebellious if they don’t “submit” to what they say. So I am going to talk about it – and I am sure I will upset some people; but the truth is that God wants His church back and our first loyalty is to the Holy Spirit. 

The job of leadership is to come against the things which come against the sheep; not to control the sheep. It’s His kingdon, His pasture -His Body. The whole Body is meant to be led by the Head. 

Your whole Body receives its direction from the Head. My legs don’t get their direction from my fingers, my arms don’t get their direction from my knees. All the parts get their impulses and direction from the Head, which is Christ. 

To be continued…