Angel in Siberia

The Angel in Siberia

Hi Everyone – the Holy Ghost joy is a manifestation of a victory that’s happening in the Spirit realm-   in case you were wondering what the laughter is all about.

After DeAnn and I stayed a few days in Beijing, we left with the team from Singapore and flew to Chita (Siberia). Well Chita was a tiny airport with about 50 security people and 4 passport inspections. But as the plane touched down an angel from Siberia  got on the plane.

He started laughing and playing with DeAnn and me. Pushing us around in the aisle. The angel kept saying, “Lighten up.”  We started laughing and getting drunk in the Spirit right there in the aisle of the plane.  One of the Russian flight attendants came down the aisle and said to DeAnn, “I see a light over you” (pointing to  DeAnn and I). Then he said, “The light is from the church in the sky.”  We didn’t know what he meant so we looked out of the window of the plane. “No,” he said, pointing upwards.

“The church is in the sky.”

How neat is that? I don’t think he understood what he was saying really.

We got off the plane and into the airport with all the security officers.  I think they thought they were paid to intimidate us.

We were still a bit drunk in the Spirit and laughing.  The angel followed us into the security area and was still pushing us around saying,  “Lighten up.” We got in the line for the first passport inspection, still laughing. One of the pastors told us to “hush ,” but we couldn’t.

I handed the man behind the passport control desk my passport and visa. I was still laughing trying to stand up straight so we wouldn’t get arrested. The man behind the security counter stared at me and then started laughing and getting a bit drunk. He was beginning to fall of the seat.  He didn’t know what was happening. We couldn’t speak Russian and they couldn’t speak English except to ask some security questions.  He said, “What?”  meaning, “What’s happening?” Well I couldn’t speak Russian so I just said, “Jesus?”

Then the other security people started laughing. They didn’t know what was happening either. DeAnn and I didn’t really know really, except the fire of God was all over us. The angel was still there – he was laughing too. He gave me a word “There is going to be a move of God in Russia and God will restore the joy to the Russian church.”

The supervisor came rushing out to see what all the commotion was about. He went past me and put his hand on my back as he passed and he started to laugh and get drunk too. Everyone was having a great time at that airport.

Then the Siberian security people kept putting their hands to their mouths and touching their mouths. There was an English guy there so I asked  him,” Do you know what they are saying?” He said, “Yes, they are saying they can taste honey in their mouths.”  And immediately the Lord spoke to me and said, “Yes and when someone can tell them about Jesus ( in their language) they will taste honey again and know it is  something good.”

We had good meetings in Chita but I kept feeling there is something else. We left there after a few days and got the train overnight to Ulan-Ude. When we got up in the morning and went into the corridor of the train – the angel was there and he was laughing and pushing us around again. We ended up with a mini revival there and I was on the floor of the corridor.

Some of the other Christians were in the next compartment were doing a Bible Study. I was still on the floor so I pulled the door open and said to them, “There is an angel here and he is tickling us.” They looked up and said, “We are doing a Bible Study,” and closed the door. After a little while the angel was still making us laugh and we were on the floor of the train in the corridor. I thought those Christians in that other compartment must not have heard me properly so I opened the door again and said, “There is an angel out here playing with us.”  They looked up and said, “We haven’t finished our Bible Study,” and closed the door again. We gave up trying to include them.

We started the conference meetings at the church in Ulan-Ude on Tuesday. Elder Wee from Singapore has been doing sessions on Market place ministry there and David Hathaway from UK has been doing the night outreach meetings. I believe they were  great and I was disappointed I didn’t make it to one of them.  I was preaching in the mornings last session, and then the afternoons sessions! Whew!

Oh! And it’s very hot and no air con!!

I wondered what they would make of me there – the leaders kind of left me to do whatever I wanted.  They seemed to think I was  relatively harmless, (being a women, ha ha) so they gave me and DeAnn the big church to minister to the ladies, while they did the important workshops.  The first day was about half full – the second day was three quarters full and the last day it was full and loads of people outside

TBN Russia crew showed up too. They didn’t quite understand what was happening. The camera guy kept getting “frozen” in the spirit” so the video must have looked funny.

DeAnn and I decided we would pray for everyone. Bear in mind these lovely people had not seen people laugh in church before I came and they had never seen anyone fall out in the Spirit. Anyway we tried to line everyone up and get some guys to catch. Have you ever tried explaining to guys how to catch people when they had never seen that happen before? There were lines of people – lots of those lovely old Babushka grandmothers who had been laughing for the last couple of days..

The “catching guys” didn’t know what we were talking about of course but we explained the best we could and hoped for the best.

I had an amazing interpreter who flows in the Spirit. Her name is Jane ( Olga) Milner and she is starting a business – interpreting and also translating books etc. So if you would like your books translated into Russian let me know – I will give you her email address. She is also the best and most awesome interpreter I’ve ever met. She lives in Ulan-Ude. You may also find her on fb.

We started praying for people and the anointing was really strong – as we laid  hands on people they started laughing  and fell over – but they fell over SIDEWAYS like dominos. It was hysterical. When we left we were kissed by about 600 people…

Meetings finished Friday and then we flew back to Beijing and then back to Singapore and then ATLANTA.   Can’t wait to go back.

People don’t understand that the joy of the Lord is VICTORY and there is no victory without the joy because God looks on His enemies and Laugh.

Now I Want to take the joy to Cuba to get the the victories  they have been praying for so many years. Are you with me? If so please support me so that I can go.

My CD’s “FAITH AND ANGELS” will help you understand the place of angels in your  life and ministry.