Apprehend it, Grasp it

Apprehend it, grasp it

When I was in Wales recently the Lord began to teach us about apprehending the things He is giving to us and making available to us.

He taught me to raise my hands and when I did He would put something into my hands and say “Apprehend it, grasp it.”

In Auckland, at Horizon church this week, I was holding my hands in the air and suddenly the Lord put apples, one in each hand. They were green and crisp and sweet. He told me to give one to Margaret, my friend who was sitting next to me. I passed one to her and by faith she put it to her mouth. She said the aroma of apples filled the space around her and she tasted it in her mouth. After that He gave me pears and strawberries and grapes. He kept saying ” Take it, apprehend it.”

We are so used to messages, sermons, CD’s, prophetic teaching etc that we can hear truth and not APPREHEND it. We can see something at the time or in the meeting but still go away without actually GETTING it or apprehending it.

Like when you are out shopping, You may see something in the window, you may look at something and like it a lot, but then not take it home. You can see it but not apprehend it..

I looked up the meaning of ” Apprehend”. It was interesting. One definition said, “to stop and take into custody.” “Understand and receive it, ” was another definition.

To “take into custody” means to stop, grasp and take with you. The Apostle Paul said he was “apprehended by Christ.” Think about that. That’s what a Christian is; someone who has been apprehended ( stopped, and taken into the custody) by Jesus Christ.

In the Bible it says “All the promises of God are in Him, are yes and Amen.” But we hear them and read them but not apprehend them (bring it home).

I love to read about the Hebrides revival in 1948. Well you know I wrote a book myself about the Hebrides revival called “BRIGHT AND SHINING REVIVAL” It’s on my website.

On the Isle of Lewis (Hebrides Islands, Scotland) a pastor there in the Church of Scotland was dismayed at the state of the church and the island in general. All the young people were out in the bars and dance halls and seemed to have no regard for God. He asked six men from the church to meet with him twice a week to pray. They decided to meet in a barn ( more like what Americans would call a shed).

As they gathered and prayed and sought God – guess what? He responded. God always answers by the way but sometimes we don’t apprehend, or grasp the answer.

God gave them what I call the revival scripture in 11 Chron 7:14 ” If my people which are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and HEAL their land.”

Well that’s a word to be apprehended ( got hold of and brought home)

The men did humble themselves and pray and seek His face ….. and then they apprehended it. They took the promise. “I will heal their land.”

You see.. They didn’t just write it down and think it was a great word, they apprehended it. They got hold of it, They took it into custody, and brought it home.

 They began to declare it , they told people “God is coming to heal the land.” God is about to visit the islands”

Well you know the presence of God invaded the bars and dance halls – people would run out and run to the police station or church. I talked to people myself who told me they packed up and left the island and went to live on the mainland. The said , “If we stayed God would get us.”

When God gives you a promise or word or vision which you know is from Him – Don’t just look at it but apprehend it. Grasp hold of it – and bring it home.

So this is what I am doing for myself and for America, land that I love. Apprehend and take hold. Stop and take into custody the things He has said. He said He would heal the land- that’s a promise because He is a healer of people and nations. Declare the goodness of God in the land of the living as the psalmist says.

I am in Australia – in Sydney until next Wednesday, I have an itinerary for this weekend – I will send it out . Visit my website – get a few copies of our new book ‘LIVING IN REVIVAL” It has all the wonderful revival stories plus the often funny mistakes we made learning to hear from God

Many blessings