Beautiful Feet

Your Beautiful Feet   

Well I got a word for YOUR FEET – the Bible says ” How lovely  on the mountains are the feet  of him (or her) who  brings good news , announcing peace, proclaiming news of happiness..”  So I always pray over my feet – an angel sometimes after the meeting,  when I have been standing all day, lightly touches and  massages my feet.  But I had this sore spot for several  years on the front of my foot  and it never really went away.


Today  the Lord said to me, “Trespassing”  Now I have been in many, many places all over the world and broken curses off my feet  because I know that the  ground I was on was definitely NOT holy – Like the temple I went in and the Pyramids where the Egyptian coffins are, and other idolatrous places.  But the Lord started me  thinking that when I was a kid the sign,  “NO TRESPASSING”  translated into “ENTER NOW” in my little rebellious mind. “KEEP OUT” meant “Come in” and  the word “FORBIDDEN” across and entrance,  meant “Go in the back way.”


So I felt I had a little repenting to do about the trespassing spirit and I prayed over my feet.


My feet immediately got all light and oily


But, while I am on this subject of your beautiful feet I will say that most Christians  need things broken off their feet because of some of the places they have walked.


Just because you are saved, born again, spirit filled, anointed, etc. doesn’t mean you are somehow exempt from walking in places where there the ground is cursed.


I prayed for some people a few years ago who belonged to a well known ministry in Virginia – the leader was a great lady but she was of the old Pentecostal mindset that didn’t believe that a Christian could possible need deliverance from any demonic influence. She didn’t believe that those idols or temples or whatever  could affect a Christian.


Well I prayed for quite a few people who had worked in that ministry – and believe me when I tell you some pretty powerful spirits left.. 


Nothing is Automatic


Salvation is available but it is not automatic- you have to receive Jesus. The Baptism in the Spirit is available but it’s not automatic you have to receive it. Healing is available because Jesus took our sicknesses and bore our diseases,  but it’s not automatic- you have to receive the healing. Jesus is the deliverer and He made deliverance available but you have to get delivered and cast out the demons with the Name of Jesus.   The great thing is that you do have that option.  When I found out about deliverance – then I started getting delivered – that was wild.  I was a good little evangelical Christian – but when I got filled with the Spirit I got delivered from a whole bunch of Freemasonry spirits , religious  spirits  and spirits from various  countries and false light  I had been in to.


One thing I got delivered from was a spirit from India- My dad (who wasn’t saved) had lived in India as his family was in the British Army and I know he visited all kinds of temples. One lady in a meeting had a word of knowledge about one of the visits to a temple and she saw a vision of a curse written on a scroll.  She broke it and my feet turned to stone- they prayed over my feet for several minutes and then it left- my feet felt so light.  


Since I broke this trespassing thing today my feet are all oily and light.


So I am concerned about your feel- it’s great if you are in a group you can and pray over one another’s feet- and have a foot washing – but really foot washing was originally an acknowledgement of one who was sent.  Jesus said to the disciples after He washed their feet, Even as I have been sent, even so send I you.”


When a messenger arrived, they first thing that happened was that they washed his feet because he was acknowledged as “sent”


But you can still cleans your lovely feet. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you anywhere, anything that might have put something negative on your feet. 


I have news for you, there is a HUGE wave coming and God wants your feet, your lips, your life to be anointed to bring the flood of the Spirit to countries, to cities and to churches and ministries. I am declaring the floods – I am speaking the floods – I am releasing your feet- do this with me you will FEEL it


I will write later about SCRUBS and this huge wave that is about to fall on you.  Get ready.  Meanwhile see to your feet.


Kathie Walters