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Kathie Walters – Tuesday, February 23, 1999

Stephen Jeffreys 1928

During three months of meetings at Dowlais, hundreds were saved and many miracles occurred. The deaf heard the blind saw. The lame rose up from their cots and walked. A friend of ours, an old man of God who lives in Wales, told me that hundreds and thousands flocked to those meetings,. He said that he personally saw every miracle of the New Testament in Stephen Jeffrey’s meetings.

One night about three weeks ago, I woke up praying for Sunderland and the Gotts. Both my knees were hurting for no reason. The Lord spoke to me and said to tell Lois and Ken that He wanted to release a healing anointing like Stephen Jeffreys had, but that people needed an impartation of faith and needed to repent of their unbelief. And also be taught about faith. The knees speak of faith “Strengthen the weak knees” (Heb 12:12) is talking about faith. I prayed in the spirit for a while until I felt the ache leave my knees..

One Saturday afternoon on 10th December, Stephen Jeffreys preached a message about the role of the church. He made five points.

He said that the church was to be like Bethesda – places of mercy – having five porches.
The first porch – regeneration. You must be born again. He pleaded with the people to give their lives to Jesus.

The second porch, he said was separation. ‘If only God’s children would separate themselves from the world, how much more powerful they would be.”

The third porch – divine healing. Jesus promised that the healing of the body would be part of the Gospel, and every church should heal the sick in the name of Jesus.

The fourth porch is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. “Oh the power and presence of God in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. The churches don’t need eloquent preachers and teachers, what they need is the power of the Holy Ghost.”

The last porch is the teaching of the second coming of Jesus. ‘He’s coming soon” he told the crowd.

He went on to say that the Spirit of God troubles the waters of the soul and does not leave it stagnant or still. People ask, Can this cancer be healed? can this broken bone be healed? Can this or that be cured? But He can heal anything. He is the same Jesus who was at the pool of Siloam.”

That afternoon, many miracles happened so quickly, the reporter of the meeting could not keep up with the miracles.

Kathie Walters