Salem Village


Many of you have heard of the very famous Salem Witch trials ..  so thought I would tell you a few things about it and a couple lessons here. Make sure you are in a place that makes room for the Holy Spirit


 When there is a move of God that gets aborted – THERE IS A GAP IN THE SPIRIT REALM. And then really bad stuff moves in.

Before all the terrible stuff that happened in Salem Village Mass. there were two important things that happened – There was a church split- lots of strife and very spiteful. And there was a move of the Spirit on the youth in Salem Village.  There was also a move of God on the youth at Jonathon Edwards church in Northampton at the same time.

In Northampton the elders decided although they had not seen some of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit before, they decided to let God do what He wanted to do and just watch over it. In Salem Village they shut down the move of God on the young people. The same young people who had been robbed of that experience of God became some of the tools who made false accusations against people who were on the wrong side of the fence as far as the church was concerned ( literally in some cases)

 They ( the young girls) got into a very weird spiritual realm, were manipulated by adults – enjoyed the celebrity  they became at the time – heard voices – had fainting fits etc.

Unfortunately the court accepted spectral evidence and so godly people and intercessors became the subject of false accusations and over 30 were murdered under a false religious system. It only came to an end when the girls accused the judge’s wife of witchcraft, and then he decided it was enough and the whole thing was a deception..

 The same spirit rose up again in America about 15 years ago and began to accuse Christian day care workers of sexual molestation. Again the courts received ridiculous charges from children whose parents had an ax to grind.  95% were later proven to be untrue but many were put in prison and their lives were wrecked because of “spectral” evidence or accusations with no evidence to support it. There is a lot of power in suggestion

 Lesson: Don’t stay in a church that doesn’t like the move of God -We ARE in a spiritual realm whether we like it or not. If God isn’t in charge then religious spirits are. and often Freemasonry spirits .

I don’t know, I fee like I am warning some people. You can’t play God. You can’t dictate to God about what He can and can’t do– He is a wonderful loving Father but He is also the Lord God Almighty.