Spirit of Merlin

The Spirit of Merlin

┬áKathie Walters – Monday, August 02, 1999

Bob Jones had asked me to pray for Charlotte and surrounding area’s. In the evening God told me to go into the bedroom and pray.

The Lord told me to pray for a few things (personal) and then to pray for Charlotte and N. C. I had a burden for Charlotte area because a few weeks ago I went to the all night prayer meeting of Mahesh and Bonnie. I enjoyed the meeting but I kept getting a feeling in my spirit similar to what I remember having when I first went to Kansas city years ago. As if the devil was looking intently for an opening in which to operate.

While I was praying this particular night at home, I had a vision of a wizard like person in the heavenlies. He had a long pointed hat it was blue with gold moons and stars. His gown was also blue with moons and stars all over it and he was running around laughing. He then leaned over trying to touch the ministry. I sensed it was not some little demon thing playing games, but a real stronghold, even though he looked old-fashioned, almost comical and was laughing. The Holy spirit said “Merlin.”

(Recently I did some history study on 6th-12th century Arthurian traditions, because there has been a great resurgence of it in England and America.)

The history I looked at was as close as they could get to the real figures that the myths are based upon. (see MERLIN at end)

While I was praying I began to smell a sweet flowery smell. At first I wondered if it was the presence of the Lord, but it wasn’t and I rebuked it. It finally went away. Then I felt impressed to look at my history book and I opened it and began to read through the pages. I came to one page and the same smell came again, but stronger. The book was talking about MORGAN LE FAY.

MORGAN le FAY was the daughter of Igrain and Gorlois of Cornwall. Later she was linked with the Goddess’s Macha and Morrighan of Ireland.

The historian, Mallory, says that when her father was killed she was, “put to school in a nunnery where she became a great clerk of necromancy.” When female children had “second sight” or displayed an aptitude for mystical life, they were sent to be trained by priestesses. Morgan le Fay apparently had the ability to change her appearance as Merlin did. Mallory says that she was clearly the tutelary (ruling) spirit or Goddess. One of the things Morgan Le Fay did was to test people and challenge them to see if they were worthy of her favor.

The Holy Spirit showed me that the spirit of MORGAN le FAY was also positioned above Charlotte with Merlin.

I now need to explain something else:

IN THE 1890’S “The Magical Order of the Golden Dawn” who had some prestigious members such as, A E Waite, W. B. Yeats, and Alistair Crowley, were drawing upon the Arthurian traditions in their magical operations. This was continued by Dion Fortune in the “Society of Inner Light” and then by “Servants of the Light School of Qabalistic Science” and also various individuals.

John Matthews, historian and writer tells of a meeting/gathering he was at in Gloucestershire in 1982. At this workshop a tremendous pool of energy was built up using the consciousness of the 50-60 people present. The leader of the group then “summoned up” Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, and Morgan back from the “inner realms”. John Matthews reports that, “immediately the power of the response was total. The ones called up were literally present among the group.” “Their presence remained for quite some time.” The Sleeping Lord (Arthur) was sent forth again into the world to work for the restoration of the Arthurian kingdom. This same group continued this work by going to various historical sites connected with Arthurian traditions and repeating the “calling forth.”

Here is another testimony from someone else present at the first meeting:

“The prophecy of the return of Arthur was fulfilled that night at the Camelot we built. After reading Tennyson’s, “Morte d’ Arthur” we invited back into our company the redeemed archetypes of the round table. We sat silently for what seemed an age, invoking the personages with whom we had become SO FAMILIAR ..SENDING THEM FORTH TO INTERCEDE FOR THE TROUBLED WORLD OF OUR TIMES. It was truly an awesome and splendid thing that we did. The power that we invoked was both visible and perceptible in every sense’ the candles on the alter shimmering with a radiance greater than their own. None of us wanted to leave, we were gripped, not by fear, but by a longing to remain, Then one by one the company dispersed to bear into the world the substance of what we had experienced to continue the work of the Round Table within our own sphere of life”.
John Matthew continues his testimony:

“The operation culminated in a large scale working in 1987 intended to bring about the restoration of the King Arthur’s Courts of Joy. This is a deeply magical place to which the four Hallows of the Grail myth, Cup, spear, Stone and Sword were set once more at power points in the body of Logres ( Inner Great Britain) here to work actively for the healing of the land and those who dwell in it.” (see end for all the testimony of this meeting). The tradition that speaks of Arthur as the Sleeping Lord, the TUTELARY (Ruling) spirit of inner Britain, embody a REALITY OF A GREAT POWER.” – John Matthews

After God had showed me all this, I knew of course that the Morgan Le Fay spirit was visiting ME. It knew I was going to pray against it and the MERLIN spirit over Charlotte.
I bound it up and the flowery smell went away, then I went into the kitchen. There were two angels there but they stood back and the spirit manifested itself to me. I said, “what are you doing there? (Charlotte). It replied, “They called us”. I didn’t ask who “They” were.

It said to me :

Morgan “I can help you”

Kathie “No, you can’t”

Morgan “Yes, I can tell you things”

Kathie “The Holy Spirit will tell me what I need to know”

Morgan “I can tell you where to go and pray”. (I felt the Lord was going to have me go and pray in some places in England against all this stuff)

Kathie “Go away to Greece” (don’t know why I said that)

Morgan “I hate Greece, I always get sent to Greece.”

Kathie I didn’t say anything but I thought to myself, “because of the mythology” Then the two angels stepped forward and took hold of the spirit and dragged it backwards and away from me. But I also felt that it wasn’t yet going to Greece, it was going back to Charlotte, as if it had some legal ground there with Merlin

This Spirit was very pretty and alluring, but very deceptive. It looked like a big beautiful fairy. I’ve seen lots of demonic spirits and quite a few angels but I’ve never seen a spirit look like this. It was like something out of a story book. When I saw it, it was hard to believe it was evil, because it’s voice was so sweet.

About MERLIN :

MERLIN first appears in recognizable form in the writings of the twelfth century historian Geoffrey of Monmouth. Merlin plays a considerable role in his History of the Kings of Britain. R. J. Stewart in his study of Merlin’s prophecies has established that Geoffrey must have had access to a large collection of materials which recorded Merlin’s inspired utterances. Geoffrey claimed that he was merely translating a very ancient book lent to him by Archdeacon Walter of Oxford.

The source of this book seems to have been the writings of the eighth century monk, Nennius whose records are one of the few authentic writings of the Arthurian era. He writes of a young prophet, Ambrosius and in order not to confuse him with Ambrosius who overthrew Vortigern, Geoffrey gave him the name Merlin, borrowed from another native figure Merddyn Wyllt.

“Merlin” had prophecies fulfilled, but then a lot of weird and magical stuff seem to have entered in. It as said
that stones moved magically from Ireland to Stonehenge.
Merlin served three Kings, Ambrosius, Aurelianus and Arthur. For all these he performed remarkable feats, but he was never portrayed as just a magician.

Geoffrey of Monmouth also wrote a separate book about Merlin. Vita Merlini Merlin for a while was driven mad by the scenes of carnage at the battle of Arderydd and went off into the forests and wilderness for several years. When he reappeared he was acclaimed as a prophet and wise man. Merlin was very much part of the ancient bardic tradition of Wales. Together with Taliesin, Aneurin, and Llywyarch Hen, his writings form a significant body of literature which has survived to this present day. Many of his magical arts are duplicated in this primitive strain of material.

THE TWELFTH CENTURY WRITER ROBERT DE BORRON set about filling in some details of the parts missing regarding Merlin. Merlin apparently had the ability to change shape and appearance. It was said that Merlin was actually the product of a sexual act between his mother and a succubus spirit. There are many more stories available regarding Merlin.

Both these spirits, “Merlin” and “Morgan” seemed to scorn the Jezebel spirit because it didn’t have the same power as they had.

I also saw briefly another spirit that had a round face, it was smiling and looked almost like a toy. It was sent after the children. Again it was deceptive because it didn’t look evil.

ARTHUR – Historic

Arthur was born in the 5-6th century either in Cornwall or Wales. He became a great king and also a great war leader with the title Dux Brittanorum (Duke of Britain). He commanded the various armies of petty kings who reasserted their claims to the land after the Roman rule came to an end. Endless raiding of each others lands and quarreling continuously, would have made them an easy prey to invading forces. Arthur persuaded them to form a united front and he was placed at the head of the army. Arthur had a shield with the image of Mary painted on it and led his warriors against the Saxons with such good effects that the invasions ended almost peacefully. The invaders (Saxons) were penned within certain areas of the country and then farmed the land. They intermarried, thus founding the race known as the English. A mixture of Celtic and axon (North Germans).
The Britons who fled the Saxon invasions found sanctuary across the sea in Brittany and opened up a channel which later on became the avenue for the transmission of news about Arthur and Britain. From here came all the tales and stories of Arthur’s escapades and exploits.

Most of what we know of Arthur and his reign comes from Geoffrey of Monmouth, historian of the 12th century. He allocated half of his works to Arthur and Merlin. He claimed to have translated an “ancient book in British tongue”

The French poet, Chretien recorded many of the stories and tales of Arthur and his knights.

There is much written about Arthur and the Knights of the round table. It is romantic, seemingly just and even righteous to a point. It is also very deceptive.

There are historic accounts of various knights, but the whole heritage seems to become a mixture of religion and magic and real prophecy and necromancy. Remember that the Christian background was Catholic with all the saints and Mary plus all kinds of magical and weird “other world” connotations.

As the known world at that time was not sophisticated in religion or mind, there was an abundance of superstition, mystical worship etc. There were powerful manifestations of demonic forces. The wizards and magicians of that time were able to put on some mind boggling displays of the supernatural. Merlin and other witches etc. were able to change appearances of people and also of landscapes. No wonder these familiar spirits want to be let loose again to get a name for themselves.

In one famous instance, Arthur leads a band of warriors to steal the cauldron of Arawn which it was said, could restore life to any dead warrior placed within it. It is evident that Arthur, by acquiring this trophy also acquired for himself something of the power of the Lord of the other world.

In another famous account Arthur orders the exhumation of the head of BRAN, the great guardian spirit (EX KING) of Britain, on the grounds the He alone was the Guardian of Britain.

Some of the early portraits of Arthur were not always flattering. In several early chronicles he is given the title HORRIBLUS and described as a tyrant.

Arthur is also described by historians as the greatest of all Christian kings. Obviously there were many accounts of courageous and chivalrous acts as we all know. Accounts of these can be read from various books such as Thomas Malory’s Le Morte de Arthur.

– AVALON Avalon is the mystical Arthurian substitute for heaven. It sounds mystical, romantic. It appeals to the soul of men who have an emptiness inside. It gives a hope, even though it is a false hope. It is appealing because there is no demand for commitment as there is with a Christian’s (certain) hope of heaven.

“When Arthur is mortally wounded at Camlan, Morgan Le Fay ( who has up to that point been his enemy) comes and takes Arthur away to Avalon, (the island paradise of the celts) to be healed and await a FUTURE CALL TO HIS COUNTRY’S NEED’S.

From this mystical state Arthur and Morgan Le Fay, Merlin and many other persons of the Arthurian era, (or rather the familiar spirits) have been called by many societies in the U. K., U S and even other nations.

Avalon to many people today is a real place in the sense they believe it is an inner place in the spirit realm. It is described “as a place of healing, a realm of peace where even the enmity of Morgan for Arthur no longer holds good. Here too lies Nimue the damsel of the lake. The queen of Norgales is also said to come here connecting the other worlds with the Kingdom of the grail.

It is called a wondrous land, girdled by the ocean, it lacks no good thing, no thief or enemy lurks there, NO snow falls, no hot heat, but unbroken peace and harmony. No flower is lacking, the apple tree bears fruit and flowers on one bough, Youth and maiden live together without blame of shame. Old age is unknown, there is no sickness nor suffering. Everything is full of joy. No one keeps anything selfishly to himself. Everything is shared”.
Utopia or Avalon, it sounds great. The only thing is that is all a lie. It tries to put aside human nature, which we know can’t be done without the substitutionary death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no paradise or cleansing from sin apart from the blood of Jesus.

There seems to be a deception even among Christians about the Arthurian kingdom, Camelot and the unseen “Avalon”.

Because of the connection with “Good, righteousness, chivalry, and heroism, many Christians accept and even flirt with the concepts of the Arthurian legends. The familiar Spirits that are being called up by many New Age and Spiritist groups are dangerous, very deceptive and blinding.

A friend of mine in London, a prophet, was visiting a ministry in the US recently. While there someone in the ministry prayed for him. I’m sure they had every good intention, but they prayed for him for the “Blessings of Camelot”. Afterwards he had to rebuke that soulish praying, as he felt very uneasy in his spirit. He had several very serious “accidents” Friend, there are no blessings of Camelot for the Christian.

There are curses that come through the fascination with these mythical, magical realms of the Spirit. They are demonic strongholds where the power of them has been released through the “calling forth” of these familiar spirits.

Break the power of Wizardry, Witchcraft, the Occult, BRAN, DECEPTION ETC. if you have been involved in any of the Arthurian mythology. It is a substitute for the real things of the Kingdom of God./ Jesus is the only hero we are to follow and revere. The power of t
he Holy Spirit is the only power we need. The Kingdom of Heaven is the only real spiritual kingdom that holds any real hope.

For Intercessors – Remember that Arthur is spoken of as having great magical potency, The Sleeping Lord, the tutelary spirit of inner Britain, which embodies a great power.
If YOU DESIRE TO PRAY FOR ENGLAND, and now the US BRING DOWN THIS STRONGHOLD. IT IS SWEEPING INTO THE U S ESPECIALLY THE EAST COAST. This familiar spirit still works with Merlin and Morgan Le Fay. It’s objective is to cover the land with a lie, a spirit of witchcraft, to deceive with “niceness” in one form or another.
The spirit believes that England is it’s inheritance. Where these spirits are manifesting, the anointing is coming to a halt. God has given us the Holy spirit, the spiritual gifts to discern and break these controlling powers.

The people who hold these seances and call forth these familiar spirits did a lecture tour of the East Coast of America 1994. Pray for the East Coast, especially N C.

Bob Jones told me that he believes that these spirits are at the base of the new Age Movement. When you think of it, all the crystal, magic, spells etc. that are a part of the new Age all stemmed originally from the Arthurian day.

I have been in several meetings that have made me very uncomfortable. There were all kinds spiritual supernatural experiences given out. I love the supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit myself but these seem to be used to bring some kind of affirmative to the ministers or preachers ministry. Some are quite bizarre and just appear to leave you with all your attention on the minister. People, especially young Christians come away saying “Wow! that man must be in a far out place that I could never reach”

Also the spirit of Morgan Le Faye is in a lot of worship services. it is subtle, it is seductive. it brings a sensuous sensation into the worship.

An account of a meeting/workshop in Gloucestershire, England in 1982. Where the familiar spirits of Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin and Morgan Le Faye back from the Inner realms and sent forth again into the world to work for the “restoration of the kingdom.”

Diana Paxon in her novel of Tristan, The White Raven. Draws upon her knowledge of magic as a priestess, of the Covenant of the Goddess. AlsoCharles Williams writings draw upon his own years in the Magical Order of the Golden Dawn.

As long ago as the 1980’s this prestigious group of writers, which included A. E. Waite, W. B. Yeats and (briefly) Alister Crowley among its numbers, were drawing upon the Arthurian tradition in their magical operations. This was continued by Dion Fortune in the Society of the Inner Light and thereafter by the Servants of the Light School of Qabalistic Science, and by individuals such as Gareth Knight, R. J. Stewart and the present writer.

It is part of the ultimate value and importance of the Arthurian tradition that, because it is founded upon esoteric principles embodying such varied archetypal forces, it is unusually apposite for magical work. An example of this, to which the present author was witness, took place during a weekend workshop in Gloucestershire in 1982. At this workshop, a tremendous pool of energy was built up, using the group consciousness of the fifty to sixty people present. When this had been allowed to create its own vortex of power, the operator leading the group proceeded to ‘summon’ Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin and Morgan back from the inner realms. The immediacy and power of the response was total. The Arthurian archetypes were quite literally present among the group, and remained so for some time after. In a certain sense, the Sleeping Lord was recalled from Avalon and sent forth again into the world to work for the restoration of the kingdom. The same group continued and strengthened this work at actual sites with Arthurian associations, at further group meetings and by individuals working alone.

Another firsthand account adds further details:

“The prophecy of the return of Arthur was fulfilled that night at the Camelot we had built. After reading of Tennyson’s Morte d’Arthur, we invited back into our company the redeemed archetypes of the Round Table. We sat silently, for what seemed an age, invoking the personages with whom we had become so familiar throughout the weekend, sending them forth to intercede with the troubled world of our own times. It was truly an awesome and splendid thing that we did. The power which we invoked was both visible and perceptible in every sense: the candles on the altar shimmering with a radiance greater than their own. None of us wanted to leave: we were gripped, not by fear, but by a longing to remain. Then one by one the company dispersed to bear into the world the substance of what we had experienced, to continue the work of the Round Table within our own sphere of life.”

The operation culminated in a large- scale working in 1987, intended to bring about the Restoration of the Courts of Joy. This is a deeply magical place in which the four Hallows of the Grail myth, Cup, Spear, Stone and Sword, were set once more at power-points in the body of Logres – there to work actively for the healing of the land and those who dwell upon it.

There are many other valid systems with which to work, and the present author does not wish to denigrate any of these by concentrating on the Arthurian tradition, which, though it is grounded in our native soil, has become universal through its wider application. No matter in what part of the world those who wish to explore it may live, the same values still obtain. The heart legends of many lands have their own Arthurs, their own Merlins, their own rich heritage of traditions which draw upon the same basic source.

In this country, the enduring flame and magical potency of Arthur continues to burn with a steady flame. The traditions which speak of Arthur as the Sleeping Lord, the tutelary spirit of inner Britain, embody a reality of great power.

From the book The Arthurian Tradition by John Matthews An account of a meeting/workshop in Gloucestershire, England in 1982. Where the familiar spirits of Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin and Morgan Le Faye back from the Inner realms and sent forth again into the world to work for the “restoration of the kingdom.”

Kathie Walters