The Angel and the Scarecrow

The Angel and the Scarecrow

Two nights ago I had a dream.  In the dream I saw a scarecrow walking towards me.  He was carrying a silver bucket, full of seeds.  For those of you who may never have lived in the country- when the Farmers planted seeds, they would often put a scarecrow in the field to scare away the crows, who would come and try and steal the seeds. 


Well I was a surprised to see an angel dressed like that – he was smiling. 


So I woke up and there he was, standing right by my bed. “Put your hand in the bucket and draw out a big handful of seeds,” he said.   I did, and I could feel the seeds falling over my hands as I scooped a big handful.”  These seeds are from your harvest (there are times and season in the Spirit, times to pray, times to declare, times to RECEIVE the answers, and declare the answers.)  


When people pray and give, and give, and minister etc., guess what? Then there is a time of HARVEST.


The angel is bringing your seeds of harvest – but when he told me to dig in my hand a get a whole handful of seeds- he also said, “Be sure and re-plant some of the seeds, especially towards Israel.”


I immediately had a vision of my friends, Sid and Joyce Roth. I knew that Sid is wanting to get his book into every Jewish household in Israel. It’s called, “They Thought for Themselves.”


I made up my mind to plant some seeds right there and got up and immediately wrote out a check.  The other seeds will manifest in the next few days. God is good.


Now I have to tell you something else about your harvest field.  This is the field where you have watered and planted and prayed, and helped and ministered and traveled even when you were tired and just wanted to go to bed and close the door.


There is a time to do that by the way – Jesus did it. Remember when Jesus and the disciples were being crowded out, “There were so many people coming and going” (Mark 31) Jesus said, “Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and GET SOME REST.”  I like that – although I love the crowds too, sometimes, if God is moving that is. 


So the scarecrow angel will help you defend your seed against the “crows” but there are some things that you may still have to do.   One thing is to learn to say. “No – this is my harvest” to the enemy. Too many times we just roll over. “Whatever will be will be” is Doris Day theology it’s not Gods’ theology.


One time after a battle with the Philistines ( the Philistines were notorious for looking around after a battle to see if there was any harvest fields they could rip off ).


The Philistines saw a field of Barley, (1 Chron 11:13 ) “ripe pickings”  they thought.  But good ol’  Eleazar  (Eleazar was one of David’s three mighty men, and Eleazar means “God Helps.” It’s a neat name) saw them go after the Barley field.


Well you just didn’t mess with Eleazar,  and he  got in the middle of the Barley field and he said, ‘”NO  WAY” (my words) “That’s our harvest.”   It says God gave him strength and he defeated a whole troop of Philistines. 


Another time Shammah – another of David’s mighty men (Shammah means “Astonishing” or ‘One to be heard”), saw the Philistines had their eyes on a field full of Lentils – (2 Sam 23; 11-12) so Shammah  “took his stand in the  middle of the field.”


He said, ‘No way, this is our Lentil field.”  He defended it and struck down the Philistines, and the Lord gave him a great victory.  You see it was harvest time.


Well for a lot of people now this is harvest time. I know it doesn’t look like it – I know it doesn’t feel like it, you don’t hear too much about it (especially if you listen to the news. But I posted several things about people walking on water recently – even from one island to another in Australia).  So God can’t be asleep can He!


The angel is there to protect your seed and to BRING YOUR SEED – but don’t forget to replant some.


 But you have to do your part – it’s YOUR FIELD- IT”S YOUR HARVEST. Learn to say “No” to the Philistines. Stand up – do some declaring or speaking in the spirit- Jesus said ‘speak to the mountain not make a fuss about it and whine about it and get 50 other people to pray about it – “Speak to the mountain” Jesus said.  He didn’t say, “this is a good suggestion.”  It wasn’t a suggestion – hahaha .


There is power in your words you know. “Declare a thing and it shall be established unto you.” Your heavenly Daddy spoke and the worlds were framed — how about you? You have the same Spirit.


The Scarecrow angel is here to help you – no more rolling over – or as Godfrey Birtill sings:  “No more eagles in the chicken run.”


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Live in God’s good news economy not in the governments failed economy, but in God’s abundant economy.  I want to pray a prayer for you that my friend Prophet Rusty Russell prayed for me a few weeks back: ready?  You have to receive it:


“I pray for divine encounters and a wealth or revelation and fun that causes you to no longer know debt, but to know wealth. Don’t live in Obama’s failed economy, but we live in God’s abundant on-going, never failing economy.”  Yeah God.  – Prophet Rusty Russell, Gainesville  FL


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“Be all God called you to be and you will set the world on fire.” – St. Catherine of Siena


Kathie Walters