The Water from McDonalds

The Water from McDonalds

Hi ya, folks, don’t you love the manifestations of the Spirit? I mean it’s real isn’t it ? It’s also for EVERYONE – that includes you ( and me). I have seen a lot of supernatural things happen to myself and to other people, and I love it. The Holy Spirit came in order to get it out of THE BOOK and into your life.

We had a wonderful conference in Titusville FLA this last week-end. So much deliverance from mindsets that rob God’s people of their inheritance. I took a missionary friend, Bunty, along with me. God was moving on us on the way home in my van. ( My van badly needs healing by the way as it has a huge dent in the back). When I have been ministering sometimes I felt oil in my mouth. But what happened to Bunty was different- I thought you would like to read what happened with the water from McDonalds. – Kathie


“I was on my way back from a conference in Titusville, Florida this past week-end and a very unusual thing happened. I was sitting next to Kathie Walters, my friend, who was the speaker at this conference, and suddenly I saw gold dust on my pants! Next minute it was on the rest of my clothes! Kathie laughed as she is used to moving in the supernatural and seeing supernatural manifestations.

As the journey continued we stopped off at a McDonalds and Kathie bought a coffee and I picked up a small cup of water. I began to get thirsty and took a sip of water. It tasted strange. After a few sips I said to Kathie, “I thought I asked for water, I’ve been given lemonade instead.” There was a strong taste in my mouth. Kathie took a sip and said, ‘Bunty, it is pure water, there’s absolutely no taste!” Twenty minutes went by and I decided to take another drink. I couldn’t believe it tasted like STRAWBERRIES ‘Kathie, it’s strawberry now. At this moment Kathie began to laugh again. She realized what was happening. God was changing the flavor of my drink every time I took a sip!!! For a long time I sat staring at my cup! I didn’t want to drink from it, it was so strange to me! But, I was so thirsty, so I stepped out again and yes this time it was GRAPES! For the next hour and a half I cautiously took sips and up to twelve fruit flavors filled my mouth!! Peach, Apples, Pears, blackberries, Rasperries etc. It was the longest drink of water I have ever had! Every so often I got Kathie to taste the water, but when she did it only tasted like water. As I drank these different flavors I slowly began to get full. My stomach felt like it had just had a meal!! It was as if I had just eaten a plate of fresh fruit!! God had changed my water to fruit juice. When it got to my stomach it became fresh fruit and then it produced a good work in my body!! Hallelujah!

When I woke up this morning I thought about this experience. When Jesus changed the water into wine, I believed it, now I REALLY believe it! When He says we can drink any deadly thing it won’t hurt us. I believed it, now I REALLY believe it! As a missionary in some remote places that’s important (Mk 16:18). Oh may we taste and see that the Lord is good!!

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