Boring Prayer Meetings

How to Avoid Boring Prayer Meetings, Etc.

Most of you know from my CD’s and meetings that David and I were “raised” as Christians in a LOT of theology in London UK. For 10 years- and a lot of it was great but some of it was not so great.

I ended up running away to Australia because I couldn’t live in what I was learning, and backslid really badly . I was engaged to someone who was in the Mafia . Most of you know my story.

After I came back to the Lord through a supernatural act of God in Sydney -I went back to London and married David 6 weeks later. A year or so later we came into a powerful move of God in the south of London. God washed our minds for about three years. He washed away, by the move of the Spirit, a lot of wrong religious mindsets and wrong believing. Well guess what? if you believe wrong things, you are going to get wrong things.

We got set free from the three main religious spirits I talk about on my CD, “Getting Free and Living in the Supernatural.” But I feel very impressed this afternoon to talk about one of those spirits and mindsets. There is a lot going on the internet about prayer- which is great But I want to tell about something – a key and a secret ( it’s not really a secret; but it is, in that the devil has hidden things from us)

We are not called to “work of Jesus”: I say that in all of my meetings. Jesus doesn’t want us to work for Him – He wants us to yield to Him so that HE can work through you. It’s much more effective that way, MUCH easier, much less effort and much more will be accomplished, much quicker.

I remember the days when we went to the prayer meeting which was kinda boring and we had a list, and some things we prayed for every week whether God told us to or not. In fact it didn’t really occur to us that God spoke at all- as we were they to pray, not have a conversation about it

It was tedious and hard sometimes. Someone last weekend told me they learned to sit a certain way with their head sideways so that hopefully they weren’t noticed when they nodded off.

Well God washed away a lot of mindsets, and one was about prayer..(there were lot’s of other mindsets too.) I got delivered from about 8 religious spirits in one day).

Jesus said, ” Take my yoke upon you …… for my burden is light and delightful, it is not harsh and neither is it heavy.” Who is the intercessor? You? Me? No, it’s Jesus- “He is the great high priest…….and He is ever living to make intercession for us.” So it is He who is the intercessor. My Bible says that, “God looked for a man to stand in the gap” and do you know HE FOUND ONE. His name is Jesus. Not Kathie, Julie, or Sally or David or Trevor etc. Everything that goes to God must be initiated BY God. It’s Jesus by His spirit that works through you as you yield to Him .

This is same in your ministry – and it’s same in your praying and interceding.

You make yourself available and His Spirit will move on you and in you and through you. When it’s Him it’s not hard. The anointing comes on you and you may weep over China, or Korea. As He moves on you, you may declare some things, you may speak scriptures, you might speak in tongues, you may dance, you may sing,. you may laugh, BUT IT LIFTS because it’s not you, it’s Him.

Have you ever really learned something and then you fell back into it. That happened to me when we pastored a church in Orlando. I got in with a group of ladies and we started to pray for Orlando every day. We were convinced that Orlando was going to hell in a hand basket if we didn’t pray every day. We got into a battle. It was intense. We didn’t smile we marched around because we were in the fight.

One day a young guy in our church, Gary, asked me if he could come to the prayer meeting the following morning. I thought, “What does he want with coming to our prayer meeting?” But you can’t say, ” No, you can’t come to the prayer meeting,” can you? So I said, ” Yes OK”. The following morning he came and sat there in the meeting while we got into the battle with demonic spirits that we felt were running over Orlando. We really go into it. Suddenly Gary got up and said, ” I have to leave to go to work, could I just pray for you ladies before I leave?” ( Oh I smell oil so strong now).

You can’t say, ” No” can you? He was an elder in our church. ” Ok, ” we said, but we really wanted him to go. Gary came around and prayed for each of us. He put his hand or our head and bound the spirit of battle. The he left. I felt a band break off my forehead

We all sat just looking at each other because we didn’t know what to pray anymore. One lady said, ” What shall we do?” Another lady said, ” Well, we could go to the Polynesian hotel for a champagne brunch. ” So we did, and we quit the prayer meeting. Then I found out there was about 50,000 people praying for Orlando every day. But the false burden spirit makes you feel it’s all up to you.

We had gone way past the anointing and got into a really religious spirit- a spirit of battle and we couldn’t stop-

I had forgotten Intercession is not about doing this or that is simply yielding to the anointing. If the anointing comes on you, you may weep, you may dance, you may sing, you may do some declaring– BUT IT LIFTS because it’s the Spirit of God, not you or me. We can be available but it’s He ( Jesus) who is the one who moves through us by His Spirit.

It’s like false responsibility. That is also covered on my CD- about the religious mindsets. You can run around trying to work for Jesus but you will wear yourself out and it wont be anointed anyway. Or we can yield to the Holy Spirit. We can’t change anyone or make anyone do anything –Jesus didn’t run around Jerusalem, or Galilee or Bethany trying to meet every need.. He did what the Father told Him to do, no more and no less. .As a by-product there were miracles and deliverances that were awesome and God got the glory. But then He did all the work. If God wants all the glory then He has to do all the work

So my friend, chill out. Your first calling is to enjoy God. When you enjoy Him then you can serve Him. If you aren’t enjoying Him then you will just be passing on your religion and people out there in the world aren’t interested in your religion, but if you have something good they may want that .

God uses us because He loves us, we aren’t earning any brownie points. God never anoints what you do, He anoints what He does. The glory of God will never come on what you do for God. The Glory comes; 1) where the grace of God is and 2) when it’s all Him and not me or you.

Have you ever gone to church on Sunday and maybe you didn’t gave a good nights sleep, maybe you were grumpy and wished you could stay in bed, but you had to get up because someone else dragged you along. Maybe you kinda growled all the way there– but when you got there suddenly God used you… and you were shocked! ha ha God didn’t use you because you qualified, He used you because He loves you and wants you to share in His ministry.

Or maybe you went to the mid week prayer meeting. You were all prayed up and ready to go. When you got there the anointing fell on everyone except you. You just sat there. You see God doesn’t have to use you all the time, sometimes He wants to use someone else. Sometimes He wants to use Himself. Did you ever think of that? Sometimes, ladies, you get to go shopping. Mind you the anointing can fall on you when you are shopping.

Well enough for now, If you don’t have it – get the CD from my website, “Getting Free and Living in the Supernatural’ it will set you free from false burdens.

NO STRIVING OR TRYING- TRYING CAN BE VERY TRYING- Quit working at it, you don’t have to qualify because Jesus qualified you 100% Remember it’s yielding to the Holy Spirit as He moves through you. NO TRESPASSING on the grace of God. It’s all Him Be b
lessed –