Bounce Back Cloud

The Bounce-Back Cloud or Come into a New Level of the Glory of God

Kathie Walters/Ryan Lawson
Oct 5, 2005


THIS IS THE TIME to receive a deeper and stronger anointing. Did you realize that God’s glory is meant to be a part of your life? It is the inheritance of the Body of Christ.

Already promised.

In 2 Corinthians, chapter three, it says that we are changed from glory to glory. As we behold the glory of the Lord, we are changed from glory to glory even as by the Spirit of the Lord.”

It’s not by might or power…

It has nothing to do with man’s effort to try and strive to please God. Trying can be very trying – its not trying, its yielding to the Spirit. “He that has entered into His rest, has also ceased from his own works” (Heb 4:10). He (Jesus) is going to present you faultless before the Presence of His glory with exceeding joy (Jude 24). You are His trophy – “He that began a good work in you WILL perform it unto the day of Jesus Christ (Phil 1:6)

The bounce-back cloud

While I was in Switzerland recently I woke one night – it was as if I was wrestling with a dark cloud. Although I had some things specifically related to Switzerland, God did also gave me a word for us all.

I saw this dark cloud over the church or rather, much of the church. Then I saw intercessors pray and the cloud would move away – but then it would come right back again. I wondered why it seemed so persistent in its bounce=back manner. So, I began to ask the Lord about it. He told me. “The Body of Christ needs to get uncovered from layers that are hiding My Glory.” You see you don’t have to plead and beg for God to send His glory – He already did. After the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus-His glory was released. We are changed FROM GLORY TO GLORY remember. But His glory on the church gets covered with religion and sin.

So.. Back to the cloud…
Jesus said “The same judgments you make will come back to you again” (Matt 7:1-2). That’s pretty serious isn’t it?

So How do you make wrong judgments? What if you make judgments that aren’t righteous? What if your judgments are biased? What if they are not the same as God’s judgment? “God Judgments are true and righteous altogether” (Rev 19:2). Well according to Jesus – those same judgments you make are going to come back to you. They are the cloud that keeps the glory from being manifested in your life and ministry the way God wants His inheritance to be seen on you and in you.

So let me explain a little about judgments. The Bible says that God’s judgments are true and righteous altogether. ” It was prophesied of Jesus, “He will not judge by the seeing of the eye, nor the hearing of the ear” (Is 11:3). God is the righteous judge and He alone is able to discern the heart and thoughts and intents of the heart. To make ourselves the judge and dispenser of judgment is pride and folly.

If you judge another then that presumes that you are above them and therefore able to know someone else’s heart. That’s making yourself equal with God. That’s very scary, as the Bible is clear about the consequences of pride. “God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble” (Jas 4:6) If you want to receive grace then you have to give grace.

There is nowhere in the Bible where we are told to judge another. You know we all do dumb things sometimes, and we say things without thinking -but that doesn’t mean that someone has a wicked heart. Jesus said that the same judgment you measure out to someone else, the same is going to return to you. God responds to the heart.

He may not sounds like you!

There may be someone who doesn’t sound like you, doesn’t look like you, doesn’t tie in with your particular brand of Christianity, but you know what? That doesn’t mean that God’s spirit is not using them, maybe in a more powerful way than He is using you. “He has shown thee oh Man what is good and what does the Lord require of thee – but to do JUSTLY and to LOVE MERCY and to WALK HUMBLY WITH YOUR GOD” (Deut 10:12).

God isn’t asking your opinion- He loves you, but He is not asking your permission to use anyone. He sends His servants to bless and build up His Body. The Body of Christ is precious, bought with the precious blood of the LAMB.

The Holy Spirit is the encourager- He builds up, He edifies, He strengthens, He makes alive.

God builds and with your judgment you can tear down what He is building. Did you know your words and judgments can abort what the Holy Spirit is doing?

Negative words produce negative results

When we were in Switzerland recently we heard so many negative things about Benny Hinn and other power ministries. The pity was that God sent Benny to bring an anointing of healing to the people -but the critical and judgmental religious spirit aborted healing from the people making the judgments, and also aborted it from other people who were sick and needed a miracle.

God didn’t ask your opinion before He deposited in Benny Hinn a powerful healing anointing. Maybe if you have a stronger healing anointing you might be in a position to say a few things. All judgment comes out of pride.

Break the power of negative words If negative and judgmental words have gone in to your ears you need to break their power and ask the Holy Spirit to get them out. Words sow seeds in the back of the mind.

False judgment can open the door to all kinds of negative things. If it is negative based – it will produce negative things. Sickness, depression, confusion etc. Don’t eat of that spirit it is poisonous and it is witchcraft.

I once sat next to a lady during a meeting. The lady was very angry and irritated with the well known speaker ( not without reason) and she made angry comments to me during the meeting. I didn’t realize that those words had gone into me at that time. Until, a year later, when the Lord told me that I needed to forgive the minister we were listening to in that meeting.

I was not consciously angry with him. But her words had gone in to me and sowed seeds without my realizing it..

God is looking for some righteous people who will not enter into the spirit of false judgment, nor partake of it.

Ask the Holy Spirit

Ask the Holy Sprit to bring to your mind people you judged, or the churches, or ministries, or your own friends. Maybe it only a “little” judgment. Maybe you spoke out your “little’ judgmental words into the ears of someone else, like that lady did to me- it causes others to make wrong judgments and then the cloud comes back on them too.

Wouldn’t you love to have the glory of God around you all the time? Wouldn’t you love to have His presence manifested all day long? Where you work? Where you play, where you pray, where you worship?

One more story so that you really understand what I’m saying.

David was going to minister in a house group years ago in Georgia. This was on the Sunday we were supposed to speak. We had not met this particular house group leader before and so one of the elders of this church took us on Saturday evening to meet the leader at his home.

Spirit of Adultery

We arrived with our host, myself, David and Sue. (Sue was a young woman traveling with us at the time.) When the house group leader opened the door to greet us, I saw a spirit of adultery in his eyes when I shook his hand. It was bold and the incident took my by surprise it and so it threw me. He invited us into the living room and there were several people visiting, standing around the room, talking. Much to my surprise who was sitting there in an armchair was an old minister friend of ours, Arthur Burt.

Arthur had been a spiritual dad to us years before when we were in revival in London.

My mind was racing like the Energizer bunny.

My mind was ra
cing like the Energizer bunny. “If I can see this spirit of adultery, surely Arthur can see it too. Why doesn’t he DO something? Maybe he can’t see it, maybe he’s not as spiritual I thought he was.” I was trying to talk to him across the room with my eyes. Have you ever done that? “Why don’t you do something?” I was trying to say Meanwhile Sue was doing the same thing to me. Trying to talk to me with her eyes. We must have looked really weird..

The Word came out

Arthur was talking to a lady on his right – seemingly oblivious. After about 30 minutes Arthur put down his glass of Orange juice on the table. Then gave out a VERY LOUD tongues and interpretation. Something to this effect, “You have until this time tomorrow to uncover or be discovered by the Spirit of God.” There was a silence for a few minutes in the room, then Arthur picked up his juice and resumed his conversation with the lady next to him.

“I couldn’t use you Kathie.”

When I got back to the place we were staying, I went back to the bedroom and closed the door “OK.” I said to God. It was a question not a statement. “I couldn’t use you Kathie because when you SAW the spirit, you already judged the man,” the Lord spoke to me. Then I saw clearly what happened. Arthur has been around in the ministry for a long time. At least 50 years at that time. I am sure he must have seen that spirit of adultery, although I never asked him about it. But he didn’t KNOW until God told him. When the anointing came on him he just obeyed and gave out the word. But it was nothing to do with him. He was detached from it – it was between the leader and God. Arthur was just a vessel, a vehicle. Incidentally we had a great meeting that Sunday morning. In the evening the leader left and took off with another lady in the church! He never did come back as far as I know. The word, by the Spirit, did it’s own work, understand?

So let me encourage you again – ask the Holy Spirit to bring to your mind the people, ministries, churches you have judged- and made comments about that may have influenced others to make wrong judgment about. It might take a few days, might take a week-But God wants you to think His thoughts. If you want to receive grace you have to give grace. Then the glory of God will be manifested more in your life and ministry. If people have made false judgments about you – you need to break that Spirit of witchcraft over you.

The Glory or God.

It’s your inheritance – God wants to walk with you and fellowship with you. He called you as a son and daughter and as a FRIEND. Think His righteous thoughts and learn to see what He sees –

For further insight on the Spirit of False Judgment – read my book by the same name, “The Spirit of False Judgment” “Living in the Supernatural” CD and “The Seer Anointing” CD set will also help you get a handle on this.

Many Blessings,

Kathie Walters