Our First Attempt at Casting Out Demons


At one time when we were praying for someone for deliverance. A kind of gypsy who walked around the streets of Kingston with a carpet rolled under his arm. I can’t remember if someone brought him to a meeting or what but he decided he “liked our vibes” and so he ended up at… our house in Twickenham Rd, Teddington.UK

Our friend, Timmy, was present to help us deal with George. David and Timmy began to pray for George and immediately George began to manifest some pretty strong demons. He fell to the floor and started growling and howling like wolf. Well, we weren’t expecting this kind of thing..Demons were supposed to stay in the Bible not in our nice living room. The spirits started to get unnerved because of the prayers and commands to go, the main demon in the man began to quote all kinds of scriptures in defense of it’s position and hold on to the man’s life. It spoke to us in the high pitched woman’s voice which was a bit unnerving

When my husband, David, commanded the demon to go, the demon yelled at us (in the high pitched voice), “I am not going to leave because this kind only comes out by prayer and fasting and you haven’t fasted enough.” Being fairly new at this, we were shocked. But, we collected our thoughts and quoted, “It’s the Name of Jesus not fasting, its His Name, In My Name they shall cast out devils.”

Do you know what the evil spirit said then? “You can’t quote that, it’s not in the original, Schofield said so!.” Then the spirit began to quote all kinds of scriptures and do some more howling.

Before it finally left it offered to sing us a song from the Broadway musical, “Jesus Christ Superstar” We refused to listen to the song and put our hands over our ears. After some more growling and howling it finally left and George gave his life to Jesus.

But we had forgotten about our somewhat proper neighbors. We lived in a very nice semi detached house (duplex for the Americans) and that demon had been making a lot of noise with the howling and growling. So soon there was a knock on the door and I answered as David and Timmy were still praying for George. My neighbor stood there – his face was white, “ What is going on in this house?” he asked. He was obviously not a happy camper. I wasn’t quite sure how to explain demons manifesting to unsaved nice people. I said the first thing that came into my head. “Well we are casting out demons.but it is legal.” Someone had told me it was legal I just hoped they were right. Poor neighbor was horrified but I couldn’t do anything at this point. Neighbor Sam was looking at me like I was from another planet- I don’t blame him. He left walking backwards down the path ad back to his house. They hardly spoke to us again but we made sure we took people to the garden shed to cast out demons from that point on.

Religious spirits don’t mind us knowing about Jesus, or knowing the Bible, as long as it doesn’t come out of the book and become part of our lives. Mere Religion is always offended by grace. It will make you “perform.”