Casting Your Shoes

Casting Your Shoes on the Waters  

If you stand on the shore and watch the ocean you don’t see one wave, you see many waves. And right now God is sending waves to many ministries. They are not all the same, they will not all do exactly the same thing although it’s ALL God.


I had a dream.  I saw an ocean and people were casting their shoes upon the waters, so there all these thousands of different kinds of shoes were floating on the ocean.  The Bible says, “Cast your bread upon the waters and it will return to you again” but this wasn’t bread, it was shoes.


The Lord said, “Cast your ministry as you know it on the waters…… and it will return to you again. But it will be different because of the waves that are being released. If you receive the wave that’s for you then you can command the floods to come and your ministry will be returned to you and transformed. You can also command the floods for others.”


I told you all about my waiting on the Lord adventures and the angel “Scrubs,”  but during that time God released a wave to me and I started commanding the floods to come. We have to get rid of the spirit of dryness out of the land and out of church and out of God’s people. So that the anointing can flow and wave that’s for you can flow on you and THROUGH you


I gave three words including this one in the last two weeks.  It’s very important that you are in tune with the Lord so that you can stay in step with Him as He’s moving forward to bring the floods on the dry ground everywhere. It’s the spirit of dryness that prevents people from experiencing  the presence of God


He will make your dry dusty Jericho road into glory road if you invite  Him and yield to the Holy Spirit.  As  I am always saying,  “its not trying., it’s not striving, its not “working for Jesus.” He  doesn’t want you to work for Him, He wants to work though you.


 It’s yielding, it’s allowing, it’s letting Him have His way in you and through you.  The anointing is not hard nor heavy.  “His yoke is easy and His burden is light and delightful,” (Matt.11:30) because the will of God is in your heart. When you fulfill the will of God in your life it’s delightful because the New Covenant is a heart thing.


Kathie Walters