Catching the Little Foxes

Catching the Little Foxes

 Kathie Walters Monday, January 31, 2000

“How come when I get physically hurt I can receive healing right away – but emotional hurts hang on for months and months, and I don’t seem to able to get healed?” My friend, Glendon, couldn’t understand what was happening. I questioned her about it. “Well, what do you do when you need a physical healing.?” Glendon thought for while. “When my father was visiting me, he and I were in the barn. I mounted one of the horses, which is a big no no – you never mount a horse while you are still in a barn. The horse reared up and I fell off,” Glendon continued. The horse fell on me and the horn of the western saddle dug into my stomach. I knew it potentially was quite serious. But I thought of my dad standing there looking very alarmed, and my only thought was that I wanted to have a testimony to the goodness of God. I so wanted my dad to know that God was good.”

“So, what happened,” I asked. “I immediately began to praise and thank the Lord for my healing,” Glendon said. “I could feel pain but I didn’t allow any negative thoughts to enter my mind. I kept praising Jesus and looking to Him and within a few minutes all the pain left and I was totally OK.” Glendon told me that she had experienced that several times and so her faith was built up in the are of physical healing. I asker her about the problem she was having with receiving the inward, emotional healing.

The Holy Spirit began to show me what the problem was. “You receive the inner healing when you pray, don’t you?” I said, “But then negative thoughts come and you start to dwell on them, right?’ Glendon thought for a few minutes and said, “Right.” After that the Holy Spirit began to talk to me big time.

Many of us have had visions and words from the Lord which we really did receive and believe. Then after a while negative thoughts began to come and fight against the vision we had. As we entertained the thoughts they got a stronger hold, and then we became double-minded. Remember what the Apostle James said about being double-minded – “A double-minded man is unstable in ALL his ways” ( Jas.1:8), and in v 6 it instructs us to, “Ask in faith, nothing wavering……..and let not that man think he shall receive anything from the Lord.” No wonder the devil wants us to entertain his negative thoughts which war against our faith What a battle-ground is the arena of the mind! No wonder we are told to “take captive every thought”( 2 Cor 10:5).

Thoughts can be very positive and build our faith, or they can become a source of abortion to our vision. The devil doesn’t want us to fulfill our destiny and prove God – so he throws thoughts like arrows. If we are not on the watch of the castle of our minds those arrows will enter and bring unbelief, doubt, fear and even depression and defeat. God is not a “yes” and “no” God, “For all the promises of God in Him (Jesus) are YES, and in Him, AMEN unto the glory of God by us” (2 Cor. 1:20).

So our first battle is in the mind – “Gird up the loins of your mind,” the Apostle Paul said (1 Pet.1:13). “Gird up” – what does that mean? To “gird” according to Webster’s dictionary means, “to encircle, bind, to surround, to prepare oneself for a trial ahead, to provide, equip or invest with power.” So, there is a preparation that we need to make concerning our minds. Too often we neglect to take care of the weeds that grow strong up in the garden of the mind, because they are watered by the entertaining of negative thoughts of unbelief.

When the enemy robs us through doubt, fear, unbelief..we let go of our vision, then we get into defeat and allow past disappointments to affect our faith.

In Ephesians, chapter 6, Paul talks about all the pieces of armor that we are given to equip us for the battle. One of those pieces is the helmet of salvation. What is the helmet for? – It covers the mind. Sometimes we are pleased to run around with the sword, but we forget to put our helmet on. We forget to gird up our mind. Did you realize that Satan still has the same old ministry as he had in the beginning. He has a “hath God said?” ministry.

When God gives you word or a vision, or gives you direction for your life and calling you receive it and are excited. What happens then? Well that old sly fox send all his little foxes out on a hunt. to capture your thoughts -preferably before you get too much opportunity to really get a hold of your vision. The fox comes to steal the farmers chickens, and the little foxes come to steal the word out of your heart and mind.

So many of God’s children have almost given up their “Word” or the vision that God imparted because of these destructive little foxes that come in the guise of negative thoughts. Have you had a past disappointment that affects your present faith? Don’t look back at that – look at Jesus- the author and finisher of your faith. Where do you get your information? If God asks you to go on a mission trip, where do you get your information to make that decision? From the Lord or from your check-book? He is the source of our information. Who told you you couldn’t do this or that?

This is the year God wants us back in faith to receive the things we need to do the work – until He comes. Many prophets are saying that America is like a Titanic and, yes, there will be some trouble ahead as we hit some icebergs, but we, God kids, are going to be the answer. It is time to receive the prosperity we know the Body of Christ is supposed to have.. Why? – to buy big cars, yatch’s and live the good life? – No! But that we might have provision for others when they are in need. We need to be filled with the Spirit and with faith – to bring healing and deliverance, and dwell in the wisdom of God, not just for our own lives- but for others also.
Kathie Walters