Lisa, China, Capitol Hill

Lisa, China, Capitol Hill and Bob Jones

Kathie Walters – Wednesday, December 30, 1998 – Last updated 8/17/2006

When Lisa was fifteen, she had a great desire to go to China. She had already been on about 22 mission trips, so I wasn’t surprised. Since she was about three years old she had always wanted to be off somewhere. The Lord gave me a vision, showing me her calling, which was a good job or else I would have gotten a spirit of rejection. When she was 4 and 5 she would run around the tables in restaurants and ask people if they had prayed before they ate. If they said “no” she would raise her hands in the air and pray at the top of her voice. I once saw the whole of MacDonalds quit eating while she stood on a chair and prayed a very long prayer, very loudly. I think the people were too scared to eat. Another time we were visiting with some friends and we were sitting drinking a soda in the backyard.. We heard some yelling and went to the front of the house to see what was happening. Lisa was standing on the hood/bonnet of a car in the street and preaching at the top of her voice..Well, back to China…. I said that I would find a group for her to go with, but she said she wanted to take her own group so she could do the things she felt led to do. She called around and “enlisted” a group of about 7 other kids, two of them were twelve years old! Within a month they had all raised their money (about $2700.00). We did manage to attach them to a larger group for traveling…as they were intending to go inside of China and not just the big cities. Each child carried a personal suitcase and a 90 lbs case full of Bibles. When they arrived in Beijing it looked really strange all these kids carrying such great big cases..(I’m sure they got some kind of carts). Anyway as they were wondering how to get it all through the official “check point” the electricity quit and they couldn’t put their luggage through the scanners. So the guards just yelled at them to “get their stuff out of there”.. They delivered the Bibles, prayed for underground church pastors and prayed over the government seats and did dramas’ by the Great Wall. The Holy Spirit told them when to stop (just before the guards came).. God is able to take care of them. I always taught my children how to hear from God, so if they got lost in Kmarts they knew what to do. Ask the Lord, and He would tell them what to do. So when it came to mission trips the Lord spoke to me and said, “Kathie, if your girls can hear my voice in Kmart, they can hear my voice in China or wherever they are) you can’t argue with least not if you want to enjoy what you’re doing).

One time Lisa was in Central America, she was thirteen and she had been gone a month ministering in the villages with a team. After a month she called me on the phone and she was crying. Thinking she was homesick I tried to console her. “Lisa, don’t cry, you will be coming home tomorrow”. “Mom, that’s why I’m crying, because I’m coming home tomorrow, can you send me some money so I can stay another month?” Now you know why God gave me visions and words about Lisa, so that I wouldn’t feel rejected.. Of course she stayed.. What do you say to your kids when they cry over needy people and want to stay and help them.

Capitol Hill

The beginning of last year, Lisa now seventeen suddenly said to me, “Mom, I think God wants me to work for a while in the government”. “You could probably go a work for the county.” I replied. Lisa looked at me in surprise, “Oh no, I mean I am to work in the White House or Capitol Hill”. “Oh yeah” I said (in unbelief). The following week while in church Sunday morning, the Lord gave me a word for a few people in that meeting. He said, “There are people here this morning who are wanting Me to open doors, and there are doors that are going to open in the next few days, but you must BE AT THE DOOR; because the door will open and close quickly. One young girl in that meeting had felt led to go to England, but the tickets at the time were over $800.00 and she only had $705.00. Two days after the meeting, the Holy Spirit spoke to her as she got up, “Call Delta this morning”. She obeyed, and guess what? they had a 24 hour ticket sale -$700 – they let her book the ticket and send her check..the door had closed by the next day.. The same day Lisa suddenly got a phone call from a friend who worked on Capitol Hill. She asked Lisa if she would like to come up and work for a few weeks, only thing was, she had to leave right away..she did leave the day after. After a couple of weeks in the Chief Whips office ,(Tom Delay) she was invited to do an internship in the same office.

She came home before starting her internship. As it was quite a big undertaking for a 17 year old to move to Washington, and in a situation like that, I called Bob Jones to see if he had anything to say about it. He said that he felt there was danger there. Lisa still felt she was supposed to go. So off she went..and God used her in ways I cannot really tell about on the list. Over the next couple of months Bob Jones had the word again that there was danger where she was. So we prayed the God would make it clear when she was to leave. She left the end of last year and we thought we probably may never find out what the “danger” was. But do you remember the gunman that got loose on Capitol Hill? ..He ended up in Tom Delays office and her friend, one of the guards was killed by that gunman.

What is the point of this story..well your children are Gods arrows and they are to be fired in the gates of the city..(gates representing government and authority) God’s answer is a replacement program.. He will replace those ungodly congressman with His own sharp arrows, 1) if you pray and 2) if you sharpen your arrows and equip them to be mighty for God. Don’t entertain them with clowns and puppets (no offense intended), but train them in the anointing and power of God. Kids love God to move on them and move through them and HE DOES.

Kathie Walters