Peppermint Year

 2014 “A Peppermint Year” Kathie Walters     My good friend Pastoor Paula Douglas, from Hemingway SC received this word regarding 2014.  “A Sweet Pepermint year”  I believe there is more than one word for a situation or a time or season. But when I read this I actually smelled peppermint. Isn’t it great when God speaks through signs like the different aromas?   Well you know I did a booklet with Bob Jones ( mostly Bob) called “Spiritual Meaning of Aromas, Flowers, Trees and Colors.” So I remembered what the Peppermint meant. It means refreshing and also cleansing. It is also sweet.   But then whatever Jesus does has sweetness doesn’t it. You know often as we go in the business of life and even ministry you can kind of gather some dust from the journey.       It was the custom in the middle east when a traveler arrived from a journey the people would wash their feet. Jesus said to the disciples, “As the Father has sent me, even so I send you.”  When Jesus washed their feet I don’t believe it was just an act of humility.  He was acknowledging them as “messengers or ‘sent ones,’just like He was a “sent one”  from the Father. A messenger of Good News.    When Jesus breathes on us the fresh breezes of the Spirit it blows away the dust and the sweetness of His presence refreshes us. That’s why it’s important to take a break and enjoy His fellowship.   We were iced-in recently in Macon, Georgia where I live — we couldn’t go anywhere, everyone was home. It was a great excuse to do nothing. Sometimes it’s good to do nothing. Very hard for some of us.. .. people begin to feel guilty if they are not working for God all the time. Let me just squeeze in here, God doesn’t want us to run around working for Him. He wants us to yield to Him so that He can work through us. Much easier that way and also much more effective.   Sweet refreshing.. like a cool drink of water on a hot day. In Proverbs 25:25 it says “Good news is refreshing, like water to a weary traveler.” Our inheritance is the Spirit of Good News… when we dwell on His goodness it’s refreshing, like water. Or sweet, like peppermint. Prophetic encouragers have a big place here as you can see, the good news bring refreshing to the weary traveller.    I was ministering in Houston a couple of years ago. In the church that day -(Little White Church in Katy ) I had stayed and prayed  for people until about 5pm. Meeting started at 10am and it was HOT – the pretty little wooden church was really baking. Something had gone wrong with the air conditioner and it was like 100 degrees inside.   When I got back to my hotel room I felt a bit dusty and like a rag.   I closed the door and just went and laid on the bed to cool off. I had prayed for a lot of deliverance for people too so it was good to be on my own for a bit.    Suddenly an angel who is always with me said to me, “Just relax.” Well I had no problem with that. Then he began to sing to me an old revival song, but he sang one line at a time, and asked me to think about it..    “‘His love has to limits,’ Think about that Kathie, your mind can’t even imagine something limitless.” “‘His grace has no measure’  think about that too…there is no measure at all to even being able to measure Jesus grace. There’s nothing in the world to measure it with.”    He went on singing one line at a time and then telling me “think about that.” Which means “Selah.” ( think on this)                 Then a light shone on me – like I was on a warm sunny beach. After a while the light  went to the ceiling  and stayed there for about  3 hours. I felt so light and refreshed. At one point I smelled strawberries ( friendship with God) and then I remember the whole room being filled with an aroma like peppermint.   I love these scriptures too. When you dwell on them, (Selah)  then there is a refreshing that comes into your spirit, and your mind and body as well.   “Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves break over me. By the day the Lord directs His love, and at night His song is with me.” Ps 42:7-8   “How lovely is His dwelling place” = so refreshing. When I think about it now I can smell peppermint, I am praying you will too. Let me know if you do. Put your spiritual antenna up.   I was once in a meeting and standing on a hard floor – you know some of those carpets are actually on concrete – my you can feel after a while. It had been about 6 hours and my ankles and feet started aching  but I couldn’t sit down yet as there were still people waiting to be prayed for. I sent a silent prayer for my feet and confessed that my feel are lovely, because I bring good news. I smelled peppermint slightly and knew refreshing was on the way. Next minute it felt like cool waves washing over my feet, You know how it feels in the early evening when you are standing just in the water at the edge of the ocean.   He is sweetness, His word like honey. I pray that your ministry – we all have a ministry – will be like the Bible says, “Refreshing like the rain on the freshly mown grass, like the showers that water the earth” (Ps 72:6).   Kathie Walters