Teaching your Kids to Know God

The Result of Teaching your Kids to Know God

Dixon Family

Do you remember the story I sent out last week of my Daughter, Faith’s visitation from the Lord regarding Africa? Here is a letter from her, from the Congo. Although it is a personal letter I wanted to share it with you – Do you think its worth all the effort of raising anointed, Godly children? If you have time would you read this letter from my eldest daughter, Faith? – She is 25 and her and husband, David are missionaries in the Rep of Congo -they are both 25 years old and have two little boys. Zion (5) and Judah (3) Pleases pray for them, they have needs which are not mentioned here:

Dear Mom and Dad,

How are things going there? Is the ministry going well? I heard from Lisa and she said Aruba was good. It would have been fun to have been there. Things are going pretty good here. David is going to be making a some trips into villages and we are looking for a house again. I hope we can get settled soon – its hard being at loose ends.

I miss everyone and get homesick. Did you miss England and your family when you came to America? I guess it is not so bad when you go to a better place – its harder I think when you go to a harder place to live in. The email you (mom) sent me was encouraging. About what happens when God speaks to young people. And how He gave me the visions about being in Africa. It is neat to see how God fulfills His word. I have always wanted to go to other countries and to come to Africa – but living here is much different than missions trips. It makes you trust God more, because you don’t get to run home at the end of it. You just have to keep going and keep trusting. It is not always easy. I have been able to talk with a couple missionary wives and they have been very helpful and encouraging in how to adjust. I am definitely learning how to live outside of myself and live for the Gospel. I am learning many things about myself that I never knew before. It is easy to sing the wonderful worship songs about giving “all to Jesus” and praying the prayers of “Lord take over my life” and even mean it all, when you are sitting in your comfortable home in America. But out here things are different. It is really a challenge and a hard thing to say. Because if you say it, you have to mean it, and to mean it you have to be willing to do it. I don’t think we ever know how much of ourselves we hold onto until we are forced to let it go. Then you are left with only God. Which, on the other end I am sure, is the best place to be. If nothing else, I am learning to trust. You see, as ministry has not picked up yet, I have had much time to think and contemplate and reflect. Though these findings have not come easily, and I don’t think they could have come any other way. Because when we are able to hold on to our own wants and lives, we never really know what it means to “lose” your life for My sake and you shall find it”.

Now I understand why Ruth was such a brave and respected woman. Why she is written about in the Bible. It is so much more than a story. And she was so much more than Naomi’s daughter-in-law. I also understand why there are not very many missionaries. Who in their right mind would put themselves through this? But that is the key I think – not being in your right mind, but being in the mind of Christ. I am learning even more of the “bigger picture”. We many times can see the “big picture” in our lives when it suits us. But when things get rough, we tend to focus on the here and now. We should just remember that God knows and holds our futures. We are often blinded by our circumstances. But I am learning that we have to rise above them, because looking down on them we get a different perspective. I can’t wait till the end of all this, when I will be able to look back at what God did. Though I don’t see much past tomorrow, or next week or next month, I know there is a lifetime of “bigger pictures” in the future. I am glad I am learning all this now. My life will be so much more ready for what God does in the future. Sometimes the fire hurts, but it is worth it for the gold on the other side.

Thank you both so much for what you poured into my life growing up. Dad you always said that we (Lisa and I) are standing on your shoulders. Though it is a little wobbly, I am glad to be here now instead of later. And though my flesh would have me in a comfortable little home, involved in a great little church, with David having a secure paying job, surrounded by family, friends, and familiarity, I am realizing if that is not where God has me, it would not mean anything. You taught us many things as we were growing up and because of them, I am able to learn this for myself today. To learn “abandon it all, for the sake of the call”, “to let go of me and take hold of Him.” “That I might decrease so that He may increase.” I am grateful to be counted one of those God could and would use to send out. And though I am not walking all of this out yet, I am beginning to understand it. As I am going through all of this, it is sometimes hard to see the good side. It is hard when I only see the separation and the big Atlantic ocean between me and home. But when I get those glimpses of what God sees and His purpose, it is wonderful. I am just praying that those glimpses begin to turn more into what I see all the time.

Another missionary told David that the 3rd month if often the hardest. I don’t know if this is true for me – I hope that the hardest is behind me, but please pray for me just the same. I “press on toward the mark” because I know what is on the other side.

I love you both very much and miss you terribly. You have done so much for me, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it and covet it.


Kathie Walters