The Enemy is a Shark

The Enemy is a Shark and the Father of Lies

Years ago when I lived in Bondi Beach, Australia, I spent a whole lot of my life on the beach. I was a very backslidden Christian, but that’s another story though! Often when I was there on the beach, the sirens would go off and there was a “shark alarm” sounding. I remember one Saturday the shark alarms sounded about 50 times, no kidding.

Now, some of those sharks weren’t very large but they had about 120 rows of teeth. If you got into the water with them, chances are that you were dead meat. Then ocean is their natural domain and it’s not yours. They are “at home” there and though you can visit-swim, sail, etc., you will never have dominion when you are in that ocean because it’s not your natural environment.

Mind you, if you stayed in the parking lot and put that same deadly shark in that space, he may thrash around a little, but he really has no power and cannot operate in that realm of “air space.” But YOU can-because it’s your natural environment.

So why am I telling you this?   The Father of Lies vs. the Truth

Well it reminds me of something. Do you know the only way the devil can minister to you is through lies? He is the father of lies, and Jesus said, “There is no truth in him.” Do you realize the enemy cannot operate in truth because he is liar and there is NO TRUTH IN HIM.

So he will lie to you and hope that you will believe the lie and thus lure you into his territory like the shark in the ocean. If you fall for it, then you are in his environment and then you will get beaten up. But you can choose to stay in the parking lot, the TRUTH, then there is nothing he can do if you stay in the truth. The enemy cannot operate in the truth; he is powerless.

The TRUTH sets you free from what may be true in the natural. It may be true that you don’t feel so good or maybe the enemy is attacking you with condemnation or fear or some negative thing. But the TRUTH is that Jesus qualified you 100% and Jesus has given you power over ALL the power of the enemy. The TRUTH is that you are more than a conqueror. The TRUTH is that the devil is under your feet, placed there by the resurrection of Christ.

Most of us have learned to live according to how we feel. The devil knows that and he will play with your feelings and your thoughts if you allow it. He will drag you into believing a lie and then “wham.”

Declaring the Truth

Do you know there are angels around you giving you Scriptures and singing you songs, declaring the truth? But you have to listen and start declaring the TRUTH yourself. Maybe you get slammed with feelings of rejection, but the truth is that you are accepted in the Beloved and you are royalty. You are so precious that Jesus gave His very life for you. He called you, redeemed you, sanctified you, anointed you and filled your life with grace and glory. The truth will set you free from the feelings of rejection.

The “good news” is your inheritance. Release the spirit of good news over your doorways, the mail box, the telephone, the car, the cat, the kids, etc. I don’t care what it looks like. I am not asking how you feel; you have to decide what you believe. Your feelings will lie to you; you can’t walk in your feelings. You have to walk in the TRUTH. I know it’s not so easy sometimes, but it’s still true.

Everything has to do with what you believe. Don’t wait until you are sick before you decide what you believe about healing. Don’t wait until you have a dire need before you decide what you believe about His provision.

Ask God what to pray if you feel you are under attack. Maybe someone has made some judgments about you. Maybe the local witches decided they don’t like you. The Holy Spirit can show you what to pray or if you need to break anything in the spirit. Just stay in the TRUTH and refuse to receive the lies of the enemy.

Laughing At the Devil

When we first moved to Macon, GA, Bob Jones told me, “Watch out, there is a spirit of depression over that area.” Well I forgot what he said and one morning a couple of months later, I got up and went to the office. I felt a bit down. Someone had said something discouraging in an email. In the office everyone was walking around all heavy and tired looking-glum (that’s a good word that Americans don’t use very much). I couldn’t figure out why it seemed so heavy.

But I went back to my own kitchen where there is a lot of room. I said, “OK God, what’s going on?” The Holy Spirit reminded me of what Bob had said to me a couple of months previously-the spirit of depression in the area! Guess what? It was right over my house.

“Oh, so now I see you,” I said to the spirit. “Well I want to thank you for reminding me who you are, and thank you for reminding me who I am. That’s great!” Then I started to praise the Lord (loudly) and sing (loudly) and jump around. And I laughed (loudly). Do you know that devil left right away. He doesn’t like to be laughed at you know; he is very prideful.

He is a liar and the father of lies and there is no truth in him. The devil cannot operate in truth. He cannot reach you if you stay in the truth. Stay in the parking lot. Don’t get into the ocean with him; that’s his territory (lies).

Repeat this after me: I am so loved by Jesus and so blessed I hardly know what to do with myself. I am the head and not the tail; I am royalty-not just any old royalty, but royalty of the Royalty. I can go boldly to the throne of grace because Mighty God is my Heavenly Father. He is Abba, Daddy, and He loves me with unconditional love. His grace is on my life and the glory is my inheritance.

Laugh (out loud) at the enemy!

Be blessed,

Kathie Walters