Time to Ring out Those Bell

It’s Time to Ring out Those Bells….and Start Receiving


For 48 hours now I have seen myriads of angels in the heavenlies standing in rows. “Myriads” is not a word I would use, it dropped into my spirit when I saw them. Myriads means “uncountable.”   Then I heard the sound of bells pealing, over and over. Sometimes they got REALLY LOUD. At the same time I felt a really strong sensing to clean the house and get rid of “stuff” I don’t need. One time they were so LOUD I jumped up out of my chair and ran out of my office. Now writing this I smell the aroma of honey really strong (honey to enlighten the eyes- revelation).

Then I heard lots of people cheering and shouting. The only time I have heard bells like this is when there was a royal wedding or Coronation.  At the link below you can hear the bells pealing.

I couldn’t quite figure it out.

In one way I believe it’s for everyone no matter where they are – but I suddenly got very impressed to get people everywhere to pray for the United Kingdom.

 The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Then someone emailed me, it’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on the 5th June.  Jubilee means “Loud, joyful noise.” So between 3rd and 5th June there are going to be lots of celebrations in UK.

My friend Beni Johnson says God has been telling her things for a year about the bells. God told her, “The bells are going to ring again in England. Bells that have not been rung in years.” Beni said, “The bells are going to ring again and call people to prayer and worship as they did before. The bells will cause a sound in the atmosphere and it will be a sign to the UK. A sign of change (look back at the meaning of “peals.”) and bring a shift.”

Please, wherever you are in the world, please would you pray and ask your friends and your church to pray for the United Kingdom on the 3rd June.  3rd June is the beginning of the celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Prophetic Word from 1930

There was a prophetic word given in 1930 *that I believe is about to be released and the bells are going to proclaim and declare it.

On Sunday, 3rd June there is going to be wonderful pageant. Eight brand new large bells have been made and will be placed on a “floating belfry” that will float down the river Thames from Battersea Bridge to Tower Bridge. The bells barge will be followed by the Queen Elizabeth’s barge, “Gloriana’ and then 1,000 other vessels. The bells on the lead barge will peal (see what “peal” means below) along the river Thames 12 churches will also ring out their bells at 3pm and followed by at least 2,000 other churches across the country. You are welcome to join in wherever you are.

Then there is also a great plan in place for all the church bells across the United Kingdom to ring at the beginning of the Olympic Games. At 8 a.m. all the bells across the country will PEAL at 8a.m.  Please mark your calendar and pass this on to your mail list and put it on your Facebook and repost it.

This is to welcome all the visitors to the UK. Guess why – it’s not just for the games but to partake of the wind of the spirit being released between these two events. See the prophesy from 1930 below.

I looked up the meaning of  “Peal of bells” guess what it says?  1) Set of changes”  2) Set of bells tuned in to each other  3) Loud joyful noise.

More than Gold

David Willson, CEO of More Than Gold organization said, “This is just one more fantastic opportunity for churches to get involved with their communities and ring out their bells in celebration of the great things to come.”

Martin Creed, Turner Prize-winning artist and musician said, “It’s by people and for people. On the morning of the opening of the Games it’s a massive signal that something is happening.”

Jon Burns, UK Director of More Than Gold said, “It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for churches all around the UK to come together in this way.  Let’s ring the bells and make a noise for the opening of the Games, for our communities, and for all that is to come”

More than Gold website (get involved – it’s a God thing): http://www.morethangold.org.uk/

Now  – the prophetic word that was given to Arthur Burt (Wales) and I believe is so relevant is here: This word was confirmed by prophet Bob Jones to me (Kathie Walters) and he didn’t even know what the word was that Arthur Burt had been given. He just told me when I arrived back from Wales, “Tell the man whose house you were just in, that he will see the word.” When I asked Bob, “What word?” he said , “I don’t know but it was given to a group of people in 1930 and this man was one of those people. All the others in the group have died.”

When I called Arthur Burt to ask him about it – he read to me the word that was given to a group of people in 1930.  Bear in mind that Arthur Burt is now 100 years old.

Given to a Group

Arthur Burt was a part of this group – 1930 – Bob’s Jones birth year!

There shall come a breath and the breath shall bring the wind, and the wind shall bring the rain, and the rain shall bring the floods, and floods and floods and the floods shall bring the torrents and torrents and torrents.

So shall they be saved like falling leaves from the mighty oaks swept by a hurricane in a great forest.  Arms and legs shall come down from heaven and there shall be no ebb.

While the bells ring  on both occasions, and make a declaration and celebration,  let’s all agree that God will rule and reign in the U.K.

Pray for the eyes of the parliament to be opened to see the wiles of the enemy.

Pray for the strategies of the enemy to be uncovered and discovered by the Spirit of God.

Pray for a spirit of grace and POWER to sweep across the UK just like the bells will be ringing across the country.

Pray for God to send forth JOYFUL laborers, not heavy religious ones.

UK needs the joy, UK needs the Spirit of laughter. Laughter is a major warfare weapon by the way.  “God looks on His enemies and laughs and has them in derision.”

The Olympic Day bells are an invitation to everyone to visit and partake of this anointing. So grab those bells whatever size and declare the goodness and mercy of the Most High God.

Please pass on to everyone you know.  Let me know you are going to join us

Listen to the bells:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tfvg3WPpkM0&feature=related