Two Doors

                              My two supernatural doors

The first one was in Sydney Airport. And the second one, well, I want to show you a picture of a door where something supernatural happened just recently.

Two years ago I arrived  at Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport.  I fly in and out of Sydney quite often so I know the Airport well – like I know Atlanta. I had three large cases, two of them with books and CD’s for my conference. When you bring books and CD’s into another country,  it sometimes takes 20 minutes ( after standing in the line for 40 minutes ) to explain what the books are for and you are not part of a weird cult.

As I had flown all the way from Atlanta, I felt tired and didn’t feel like getting in the long line or trying to give an explanation to the customs guy.

I was at the baggage claim area and I had just gotten my three cases onto my cart and I grumbled a bit to God. “ Can’t you get me out of here without all the lines?”   A security lady walked up to me. “Let me see your customs declaration.”  I handed her the white customs form and she looked it over. She made a huge red line right across it and I thought she was mad. “Go through the door in the corner over there,” she pointed to the right hand corner of the baggage claim area.

As I said, I know the airport well and I had never noticed a door there before. I thought, “They are waiting for me and they are going to give me hard time because I have three cases.” I walked with my cart over to the corner and through the door expecting to see some stern faced man waiting there.  To my surprise I was suddenly in the main terminal.  I totally by passed all the security!!!   “ Thank you Lord,” I said – I was so happy.

I had meetings that week and the following week I went to New Zealand as I always do. I had a great time in New Zealand and returned to Sydney a couple of weeks later. I flew into the same international terminal and baggage claim. I was feeling happy because although I had three cases ( someone in NZ makes CD’s for me) I knew which door to head for. Easy.

I went through the initial customs where they  check your passport and then went to the baggage claim and gathered my three cases.

I wheeled my cart towards the corner to go through the door I had been through two weeks before. When I got to the corner to my dismay there was NO DOOR THERE at all.

I had no choice but to go and get at the end of a very long line of people going through the security but I was not a happy camper at all. I complained  to the Lord about it.  “I don’t know about that, making doors and then  taking them away again, now I  have to get in this big, long line.”

I stood there because I didn’t have a choice.  After about 5 minutes a security man walked up to me- “ You and you ( he pointed to the lady next to me whom I didn’t know)  go through that door there.”  He pointed to a door straight ahead of us. We looked at each other and both walked through this door. We found ourselves in the main terminal.

Afterwards I said to the Lord, “Why did you take away the first door and then make another door.”  He didn’t give me any great theological  answer. “ I am the door, I can do what I like,” is all He said.  But I thought about it afterwards—He can do what He likes and what He desires- He is the door, He is the key, He is beginning and the end..He can make a way where there is no way and make a door where is no door.!!! Simple really. Just need a bit of faith which we have already been given. “To every man is given the measure of ( God’s)  faith.”

Second door story…

I just returned from Wales and England. We had a great time. I take a group to Ireland and Scotland every April and Wales and England every October.

So I just returned from the October tour.  While we were visiting Bedford area we went to the church where John Newton ( Author of the famous hymn, “Amazing grace”)  is buried and he preached there.  Olney Parish church of St. Peter and St. Paul.  John  Bunyan, author of Pilgrims Progress was imprisoned in Bedford for preaching without being “ordained.”  Also the famous politician and salve trade abolitionist, William Wilberforce went to rest often at Moggerhanger estate  in Bedford too.  Quite a grace history in Bedford. While we were at the Olney church we had sung  “Amazing grace” around John Newton’s grave.  I walked back to the front gate and I passed a side door into the church. The door was a muddy brown  color and surrounded by the grey stone  arch design around the door. I stopped and took a picture of the door because I noticed a pattern on the door, but the door was not very attractive really.  We got back on the little bus and went on with Michele Grandfield to the next place. Michele has a great ministry in Bedford, “His Fragrance Ministries.”

On the bus I opened the picture app. on my phone to check my pictures. I was totally amazed when I saw the brown painted door. It was an amazing blue color (above) and the grey stone around it was now pretty hues. I did not do anything to the picture in the way of color or anything like that. None of the other pictures I took had color apart from the actual color they were at the time. It was a cloudy day so none of the pictures were bright.  It’s a heavenly door and I believe it’s an invitation to the heavenly realms- and a reminder that Jesus is supernatural and the supernatural realm the Holy Spirit is our inheritance.  “Come on in through the heavenly door ( Jesus) and remember that He can make a door where there seems to be no door to go through, and He is the Way and the Truth and Life, nothing is too hard for Him. He loves you