Would you like to Have a Cow

How Would you like to Have a Cow?

The Lord gives cows- as presents- We had been going to mission trips and of course mission trips cost money. It was too much to take out of our general ministry account, especially as my daughters also were going on mission trips. I talked to God about it. “Listen Lord, ” I said, ” If you want me to keep going on these mission trips, you will have to give me some more money.” If you think that is a bit direct, well I don’t believe in religious forms of speech -God isn’t impressed anyway. Better to just say what you mean.

“I will give you a cow,” He answered. I was bit puzzled to say the least. “Well our neighbors don’t even like our dog, let alone a cow, and besides, I think there is probably something in the community by-laws about farm animals.” I could imagine my neighbors faces as they passed our house in their cars, and looking out, seeing a COW roaming around! I could imagine our dog, Koa, leaving home as well. My daughter, Faith, would not be happy about that. This was the Chow that she dyed pink, well just his back and tail. ( See “Spirit of False Judgment” a neat cow) “No, you don’t understand,” the Lord said to me. “Right, I don’t understand,” I replied. “A cow represents a continual means of provision.” It sounded interesting. He went on to explain some more about the cows. “When the Children of Israel went into the promised land, it was said that it was a land flowing with milk and honey, but there weren’t rivers of milk flowing and you just walked up and scooped up a bucket of milk. There was a little work involved ( milking the cows).” I began to get the idea. ” I will give you a book, and that will be a cow for you,” God told me. Well Creation House Publishers had already asked me to write a book, so I did have something to say. “Oh OK – thank you,” I replied. Well I wrote “Living in the Supernatural,” and that became my very first “cow.” Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t write the book to make money- I wrote it because the Lord gave me a revelation to share; but still it is out there in the market place and it brings extra income (milk) into our ministry and enables us to do some extra mission trips. Then the Lord told me something else. “If you are faithful with that cow, I will give you another cow, in fact I can give you a whole herd of cows.” Now I have 8 cows – and my husband, David has 11 cows (books) – that’s almost a herd I think!

Your “cow” may not be a book, but God is giving cows in all shapes and forms. Its amazing what is inside people. Most have never done anything much with their gifts and talents, but you should pray and hold it before the Lord. Maybe He will turn something into a cow for YOU.

Of course he doesn’t want it to consume you, because He wants His Spirit to consume you. Just listen and see what He says and as Mary said “Whatsoever He says unto you – do it.” It’s one thing to have a gift or talent or idea- but you need a good marketer- and you know what? That Holy Spirit is a great marketer – As it says in James ” If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all men liberally and upbraids not, and it shall be given him.”

cow Many cows and blessing to you,
Kathie Walters