The World's Greatest Scam

When I woke up this morning – I smelled the beautiful, light fragrance of aftershave. I have smelled that before several times and I know that is one of the manifestations of the presence of Jesus. So I knew He was going to show me something. When I came back to the room, after making my tea, I sat it and waited. “You’ve been scammed,” the Lord said. Well I was a bit surprised as I wasn’t expecting that. “What do you mean?” Of course I asked that just as you would.

I know now that when I get these encounters, they are not just for me but a lot of other people too.

So I began to think about it and He began to enlighten me. I know we know a lot of things but sometimes we forget..

He spoke to me again, “When the enemy attacks you with fear and guilt and condemnation, he is scamming you, he is lying to you. When he sends thoughts of doubt and unbelief and you receive them, the devil is happy because he is robbing you of your joy and peace. He is a scammer and a thief.”

“The thief comes to steal and kill and destroy, but I have come that you might have life and life more abundantly,” (Jn 10:10)

Did you realize that God gets glory when we receive the promise? Of all things, the enemy wants to try and rob God of His glory. The first thing he did was challenge God about His glory because he tried to be like Him and get others to try and be in His place. That’s what the fall was all about. If you rise up in pride you will fall -it’s a spiritual principle. Pride is robbing God of His glory (or trying to).

Remember the enemy has a bigger purpose than to make you and I feel low or down or discouraged. His purpose is to rob God of his glory and he does that by trying to sabotage the work of God in us.

God has made so many promises in His word for us to live in a supernatural realm with peace and love and Joy and a wonderful 100% guarantee of eternal life. We are so blessed to have a relationship with the living God. The God of heaven and earth dwells in us. What an incredible miracle. Selah (think on this).

God shed His love abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost, drenching our hearts in His wondrous love for us in Christ Jesus (Rom 5:5). God imparted His own nature to us when we were born again. It is a glorious salvation, like nothing we have seen or heard. Jesus deposited His life in every believer. His desire is that the glory of God fills the temple. And we are a holy temple made of living stones. We are His own dwelling place. (1 Pet 2:5)

The promises of God are not yes and no as the apostle Paul says ..”for all the promises of God in Him are yes and Amen.” (2 Cor 1:20)

Jesus is the Amen. He is the final Word.

Don’t be scammed by your feelings, your feelings can go up and down. Don’t be scammed by religious mindsets – a lot of religious words bring condemnation and guilt. The Bible says ” There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus to those who live not after the flesh but after the Spirit.” (Rom 8:1) Many of you have heard me say “Snuggle, don’t struggle. nestle, don’t wrestle.” The anointing in our lives brings us to a God conscious realm,. not a sin conscious realm.

God has placed His very own faith in us – “To every man is given the measure of faith,” (Rom 12:3) You just have to decide to believe it. Another way we get scammed is the devil can throw discouragement or disappointment at us and then we feel we have no faith – but it’s a scam….God already said He has given us the measure of faith – that’s Gods faith, supernatural faith. It doesn’t jump in and out of us. It doesn’t go away because we have a rough day. See how crafty the enemy is? He wants us to believe a lie. But if we do that then God doesn’t get glory. God gets glory when we believe Him and trust him we receive the promise. When you feel you don’t have much faith, remember – that’s not true. He has already deposited His faith in you

When you were born again – the spirit of adoption you received contains Gods faith. Believing you don’t have faith is like believing your body has no blood. You wouldn’t be here!

It’s not striving and trying and “working for God” rather it’s yielding to Him so He, by His Spirit can flow through you.

Don’t listen to the devil; he’s the greatest scam artist of all time. God gets glory when you receive what He has provided.

You CAN hear, you CAN see, you CAN receive and God gets glory when you do.