The Mists


During the Azusa Street revival – there would come a mist in the meeting room. I believe from the ground up about 3-4- feet. The children would play hide and seek in the mist. The mists are coming back – you will see it in the meetings where God is free is do what He wants to do – Loved my trip to Australia and NZ – Got home tonight. I kept hearing the train very strong and people had dreams about the train coming -While the (glory) train is always moving, there are special anointings that come to move people forward to the next thing that God has for them. Sometimes it falls on whole churches as once – like a shift. When I was in Adelaide with Field of Dreams there was a huge sound of a train at the end of the meeting, and couple of days later there was an earthquake there. Well guess what? – God wants to take over the meetings and conferences and LIVES. He wants to shake it up. Maybe that includes you too! It’s not “working for Jesus” He’s not trying to recruit workers, He’s wanting us to yield to Him so that He can flow through us. It’s not hard, there’s not a test. Jesus already took the test and passed it- there isn’t another one. Jump on the train, the anointing that’s flowing. Don’t stay in a pond-like atmosphere, God never stands still, everything and everyone around the anointing changes and moves like a river. There is going to be a great increase in the Holy Ghost laughter. Remember that the laughter is warfare. “God looks on His enemies and laughs and has them in derision.” When the laughter breaks out you know that demonic forces are breaking down. So as it increases you know that the Holy Spirit will have more and more freedom. So enjoy, and laugh with the laughers, you don’t have anything to lose.

When I was in Wales at Pastor Sarah Trinder’s church, there was so much laughter in the beginning of the Saturday seminar, but at the end when I was praying for people there was a lot of deliverance from some strong stuff. It was sooo easy. Do you know why it was so easy? Because of the laughter at the beginning, it broke down the strongholds that held some people captive. God’s ways are not our ways. – His Spirit moves in ways that are not how we think it should be done. Be open, keep your antenna up, as I always say. It’s not hard when it’s a HIM. Tons of blessings.

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“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” –┬áSt.Catherine of Siena