"Old Ironsides" and the Yellow Hummer – a Vision

Vision and word for U.S.A.”old ironsides”.  I had this word and vision – dream about 5 years ago and told it to Steve Schultz. It was on elijah list at the time.  I  remembered it today when fox news said donald trump was uncovering corruption.  I saw a vision of a star (trump) that shot up high into the sky, then it showered out and made a display – like you see a firework,  I don”t know if Donald Trump is going to be president, but he is going to accomplish God’s purpose in all this that is happening.

“I was on a boat on the Danube River between Bulgaria/Romania somewhere, and on Friday, September 26, I started singing, ‘America, America…’ and began to cry. Then I had a vision – I saw a large ship made of iron and it was in the ocean, laying on its side – one side of it was all rusty. I then saw a hand paint some kind of white stuff on the rust and the rust got healed and then the ship righted itself. Then it changed and instead of a ship I saw a yellow Hummer with wide tires. The appearance of it changed – but it was good.” -end of vision

I feel the ship represents the U.S. and the rust represents corruption. Corruption eats into society like rust eats into metal. The white stuff I saw being painted on was the “rust blocker” you can buy. The Hummer represents strength and multi-purpose, yellow represents the hand of God, and the wide tires represent stability.

Kathie then said that she sent Bob Jones the vision in an e-mail. Bob’s response was, “Look up information about Old Ironsides.” Old Ironsides fought for freedom. I did some research and found some very interesting results – read on.

Old Ironsides’ History

On March 27, 1794, President George Washington signed “an act to provide a naval armament.” The Third Congress authorized the building of six frigates, known today as “Cruisers.” The U.S. Navy was created. Among the six frigates to be built, we find the USS Constitution, later to be known as “‘Old Ironsides.”

This ship was built to defend the young American nation. It was a symbol of “America’s strength, courage, and liberty.” “Old Ironsides” was designed to be powerful enough to outfight any enemy warship approximately her same size and yet fast enough to outsail a larger opponent.

The ship was constructed of white oak from New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Her frame was made from the dependable live oak from Saint Simons Island off the coast of Georgia, and her masts were made from the yellow pine found in Georgia and the Carolinas. She got the name “Old Ironsides” during the battle of the War of 1812. Sailors witnessed iron cannon balls bouncing off her sides. Shouts were heard proclaiming, “Huzzah! Her sides are made of iron!”

The old girl fought many a battle and defeated many foes, but between 1829 and 1833, the US Navy yard commanders conducted a survey to see if the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) was worth saving. A report came from the infamous doctor, speaker, author, and leading citizen, Oliver Wendell Holmes. On September 16, 1830, his patriotic poem, “Old Ironsides” was published. This poem helped to prevent the scrapping of this grand old battleship. She went on to win many more battle victories.

In 1907, the US Congress declared that “Old Ironsides” was deemed as a national monument. In 1925, Congress set aside money to have her repaired. Even school children donated their money to have this ship repaired. She had magnificent beauty.

“Old Ironsides” was never defeated or boarded. She rests today in Boston Harbor. She truly is a symbol of what America stands for. God has His hand on America. The intercessors are faithful and loyal and we are truly grateful for their ministry as they have the power with God to raise “Old Ironsides.”

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Old Ironsides sailed through Boston Harbor Friday for the last time until 2018, as the 216-year-old warship prepares to undergo a three-year restoration beginning early next year.

The USS Constitution has sailed unassisted by a tug boat only twice since 1881, in 1997 and 2012. This summer it sailed with the help of a tug, but still moved by its own power. Friday was the final unassisted sail until the ship has completed its restoration.

Aside from making the usual repairs for wear and tear, the restoration aims to return Old Ironsides to an image of its 1812 self.

“She kind of ballooned away from how she was originally constructed,” said Peter Melkus, spokesman for the Constitution. “So one of our goals is to make her as authentic as possible to what we consider the era of her greatest popularity, the War of 1812.”

Melkus said the iconic ship has undergone many repairs since the late 1920s — about once a decade — but many of those did not follow the ship’s original blueprints. For this set of repairs — during which the ship will have weather-worn areas strengthened and the copper plates of her hull replaced, making her more “seaworthy” — the original blueprints of the Constitution’s sister ship, the USS President, will be referenced for accuracy.

On Friday, the Constitution sailed for Castle Island at 10 a.m. and fired a 21-gun salute. The ship set three topsails on its way back from the island and returned to the pier about 1 p.m.

Setting the topsails takes about 150 to 200 people, Melkus said, but the ship’s crew only consists of about 75 sailors. As a result, about 150 Navy chief petty officer selects were trained over the past week to set the sails as part of USS Constitution US Petty Officer Heritage Week.

Those 150 officers are set to be promoted to chief in September. The selects sleep aboard the ship for the week and undergo historical training. Taking the ship out on Friday was the culmination of their training, Melkus said.

Though Friday was the last time the Constitution will sail until 2018, it will enter the harbor one last time without sails on Oct. 17 to celebrate its 217th birthday, Melkus said, which is on Oct. 21.

The ship is expected to be moved to a dry dock for repairs in early 2015.