God Said – "I have Designs on You"


I was praying at the end of a service at a great church in Griffith, NSW, Australia, when I suddenly got those words: “God has designs on you.” I was so excited  because it sounded so “full” of meaning. It kept coming back to me.

I thought about what it meant… We are all different. Millions and millions of people, all with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth and yet no two are EXACTLY the same. Did you know that every snowflake has a different design? They are amazing when you put them under a microscope. God designed each of them. He designs every bird, every creature – great and small. “All thing wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.”

Think about your ability to think and to reason. You don’t get the ability to reason by accident, that’s why the big bang theory is impossible.

If God went to all the trouble to design you, and remember there is only one you. God didn’t make a spare you in case the first one didn’t work properly.

Not just your body parts, which are truly amazing. Think how our body works—your brain instructs your whole body to make it work. If you walk through a door, your head gives instruction to the hand to open the door, it gives instruction to your legs and feet to walk through it. Your Body is extremely high-tech. That is just the physical side.

God has imparted a destiny and a whole life full of his designs. He is the master designer. He designed the whole universe, moon, stars, planets, seas, oceans, and mountains. Every creature that has breath, He created it. He thought about it; He made a design for it. For everything in the whole world.

He designed it so that you would KNOW HIM. “And this is life eternal that you might know Him and power of His resurrection.”

The Gospel (good news) was designed. It was a plan—a fantastic and increadible plan—to redeem us.

If you buy a computer, you look at the manual to learn how to operate it. It is the same in life. God designed it and if you want to know how to make it work you, refer to the manual. We have a manual—it’s called the Bible.

He knows your every thought. He knows why you think what you think. He knows what brought you to the conclusions you’ve come to in your life.

He has designed a great destiny and a great pathway for you. No one else can walk that path for you, no one else can fulfill your destiny.

Your life is designed to make up something truly great. We are are all part of the BODY of Christ. The overall stupendous plan of redemption and of the sons of God displaying His works make up the whole body.

We are designed to bring glory to God. Everything we do is to bring glory to God. When the sick are healed, it’s to bring glory to God. When the prophets speak of the things of God, when we are all Spirit—led as we are meant to be—then God gets glory and the plan is all about the glory of God.

When we live in His plan—we become partakers of His grace and glory. He meant us to fellowship with Him in a wonderful way.

I was reading about some Russian Christians who left from Russia during Stalin’s regime. Several prophets had spoken to them and and told them to leave Russia. But at the time, Russia was prosperous and they were having no problems. They listened and went to China but it was a perilous journey. If they had not listened to the Spirit, they would have stayed. They had to stay in tune because what they saw and heard didn’t tell them of the forthcoming downfall of Russia and had they stayed, they would have been in a great deal of trouble.

Go God’s way because He knows all things. He knows what lies ahead and what’s on the road. His plan for you is awesome and amazing. He thinks of you. You are a promise and possibility. You are a vital part of His BIG PLAN. You are designed and you have designs in you and flowing out of you. If you love to paint, or dance, or play, or whatever you love to do, it’s by design.