Children – The Arrows of God

Children – The Arrows of God. 

The famous English preacher, Charles Haddon Spugeon once said that the most important people to get saved are our children, why? Because they have their whole life to serve God..

In Psalms 127: 4-5 it says, “Like arrows in the hand of a mighty warrior, so are the children of ones youth….. they shall speak with their enemies in the gates”. Children have always been God’s answer to the problems of nations…When the Israelites had a problem with Pharaoh; did God rise up a great army? No! He brought forth a child – Moses who had the greatest deliverance ministry of all time, he delivered a nation. He was an arrow shot from the Lord’s bow..

The greatest of all rescue operations..when God rescued humankind of all the ages from the world, the flesh and the devil, did He bring forth a great army? No! He brought forth a child -JESUS, an arrow shot from the bow of God.

Did you realize that your children are God’s answer to the problems consuming the world? The greatest ministry we have is to impart to our children a sense of their destiny in God. They are called and chosen and are destined to be God’s arrows..fired by Him and INTO THE GATES. The gates represent the places of authority and government. What does God do about the humanistic based media, well he will replace that ungodly anchorwomen with one of His arrows.. He will replace that ungodly senator with Godly arrows… I told my two girls every day of their lives..”You have a great destiny on your life…you cannot be just like any kid out there, you are an arrow of God. He has a mighty and powerful plan for your life. That knowledge has a keeping power.. if it goes into their spirit. In Lamentations (1:9) speaking of Jerusalem it says, “She did not consider her destiny, therefore her collapse was awesome”. We must teach our children to consider their destiny…it is truly awesome…This generation is called to reap the harvest from every nation and take dominion over the power and influence of the evil plans of the enemy. They are to be filled with the Spirit of God and anointed for their destiny.

I just want to tell you this. Every week in our miracle services we see God using children in an awesome way. Through the “laying on of sticky fingers” as my husband calls it, we see tremendous miracles happen. In one meeting in N.C. last year, 4 deaf people were healed, (one lady had no eardrum), one blind eye was opened, two people with broken bones had instant healings etc. etc. Folks, don’t forget your smaller brothers and sisters in the Lord. Even the singles have a responsibility. These little kids are not just “someone else’s children.” They are your brothers and sisters. They have the same sized Holy Spirit as you or I or anyone else. They just need to KNOW IT.

Kathie Walters