Enjoying the Spirit

Enjoying the Spirit

Good morning and blessings Kathie! I want to share a cute tale with you. While you were at Riverlife Fellowship (Mooresville, NC) on the Saturday night after our mountain retreat, I unexpectadly had the privilage of bringing my 11 year old son to the church. He was spending the weekend with his father while I was at the retreat. His father was supposed to keep him until Sunday evening but suddenly decided to bring him home as soon as I returned on Saturday morning. This was wonderful for me as I missed him terribly however I did wonder why. I no longer wonder!

I brought my son up with me when we danced on change. Of course he claimed he would only walk with me but the Holy Spirit had other plans. My child was dancing his heart out. While I was up helping to catch (whenever your angel wasn’t laughingly taking me to the floor) I called my son up for a sip of wine. He smiled at me afterwards and asked if he could go sit down. After the service he questioned me in the car. He wanted to know why he couldn’t stop laughing when he got back to his chair. I asked him to describe what he felt at which he said that he got light headed, could not get up from the chair and started laughing uncontrollably. I explained about the Holy Spirit and thanked God for the touch my son had received. Now the humor. My oldest son (23) called me on Sunday while I was at church and seemed very concerned to my mother who took the call. He was on his way to work so I waited until evening and returned his call. It seems that while he was doing inventory at work on Saturday evening, he received a text message from my cell phone that simply stated “evorybody (ick) is drunk.” He had no idea where I was or who I was with but he was worried that his mom was with a lot of drunk people and wasn’t pleased at all with the situation. I questioned my little one and his response was that he wanted his brother to experience what he was experiencing. He did not want his brother to miss out on the glory. I’ve now taught him now to add “in the Spirit” to his “evorybody is drunk” next time.

As a side, Vincent has now learned that allowing the Holy Spirit access to use you is a good and fun thing to do. He has begun to come forward to pray for others and allow himself to be a vessel for his Lord to work through. His anointing is strong and I look forward with pleasure to watching him enjoy his Lord.

Thank you for sharing with us and I look forward to having apple pie with you when you return!

In His love and joy!
Sandy Verley